1.  39
    The Role of Qing and Li 1 in Chinese Entrepreneurial Decision Making: A Confucian Ren-Yi Wisdom Perspective.Yunxia Zhu - 2015 - Journal of Business Ethics 126 (4):613-630.
    The intellectual debates on wise entrepreneurship behavior such as decision making tend to focus on the relationship between economic rationality and morality, while overlooking the important role affect plays. To fill in this gap, this paper proposes a theoretical framework based on the Confucian concepts of ren and yi and studies their practical manifestation in qing and li 1 for decision making. Drawing from 32 in-depth interviews and 52 vignettes with Chinese SME entrepreneurs, this study has found that qing plays (...)
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  2.  62
    Confucian Ethics Exhibited in the Discourse of Chinese Business and Marketing Communication.Yunxia Zhu - 2009 - Journal of Business Ethics 88 (S3):517 - 528.
    With the internationalisation of the Chinese market, Confucian ethics began to draw researchers' attention. However, little research has been conducted in the specific application of Confucian ethics in marketing communication. This article fills in the research gap by examining how Confucian ethics underpins the discourse of Chinese Expo invitations. Chinese sales managers' views are incorporated into the analysis as substantiation of findings. Confucian ethics embraces both qing (emotion) and li (reason) and relevant ethical values such as guanxi (connections), qing, and (...)
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  3.  13
    Practical Confucian Wisdom and Entrepreneurship Development and Training.Yunxia Zhu - 2011 - Philosophy of Management 10 (1):95-111.
    This paper proposes a Confucian wisdom perspective to study entrepreneurship practice in the Chinese transition economy. It argues that existing research on Chinese entrepreneurship has not paid adequate attention to qing (positive affects), which is an integral part of Confucian wisdom. It is essential to investigate qing and its interaction with li (reason relating to rules and regulations) and cognitive processes within the institutional context of the transition economy. To address this issue, this paper integrates traditional practical Confucian wisdom and (...)
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    The Mediating Role of Moral Elevation in Cause-Related Marketing: A Moral Psychological Perspective.Ling Zheng, Yunxia Zhu & Ruochen Jiang - 2019 - Journal of Business Ethics 156 (2):439-454.
    With the high frequency and intensity of worldwide disasters, cause-related marketing campaigns with sudden disasters are becoming increasingly popular. However, little is known about whether and how cause acuteness may influence consumer attitudes. This research aims to extend this research area through investigating the relationship between cause acuteness and consumer attitudes toward the product, as well as its underlying mechanism and boundary conditions. Based on a moral psychology perspective, we propose a theoretical model focusing on the mediating role of moral (...)
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