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    Feature and Configuration in Face Processing: Japanese Are More Configural Than Americans.Yuri Miyamoto, Sakiko Yoshikawa & Shinobu Kitayama - 2011 - Cognitive Science 35 (3):563-574.
    Previous work suggests that Asians allocate more attention to configuration information than Caucasian Americans do. Yet this cultural variation has been found only with stimuli such as natural scenes and objects that require both feature- and configuration-based processing. Here, we show that the cultural variation also exists in face perception—a domain that is typically viewed as configural in nature. When asked to identify a prototypic face for a set of disparate exemplars, Japanese were more likely than Caucasian Americans to use (...)
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    Cultural differences in the dialectical and non-dialectical emotional styles and their implications for health.Yuri Miyamoto & Carol D. Ryff - 2011 - Cognition and Emotion 25 (1):22-39.
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    Socio-Ecological Hypothesis of Reconciliation: Cultural, Individual, and Situational Variations in Willingness to Accept Apology or Compensation.Asuka Komiya, Hiroki Ozono, Motoki Watabe, Yuri Miyamoto, Yohsuke Ohtsubo & Shigehiro Oishi - 2020 - Frontiers in Psychology 11.
    The main goal of the present research is to examine socio-ecological hypothesis on apology and compensation. Specifically, we conducted four studies to test the idea that an apology is an effective means to induce reconciliation in a residentially stable community, whereas compensation is an effective means in a residentially mobile community. In Studies 1, 2a and 2b, American and Japanese participants (national difference in mobility; Study 1) or non-movers and movers (within-nation difference in mobility; Studies 2a and 2b) imagined the (...)
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    Cultural grounding of regret: Regret in self and interpersonal contexts.Asuka Komiya, Yuri Miyamoto, Motoki Watabe & Takashi Kusumi - 2011 - Cognition and Emotion 25 (6):1121-1130.
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    To Accept One’s Fate or Be Its Master: Culture, Control, and Workplace Choice.Charis Eisen, Keiko Ishii, Yuri Miyamoto, Xiaoming Ma & Hidefumi Hitokoto - 2016 - Frontiers in Psychology 7.
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    Attending to context and the relation between the object and the context.Richard E. Nisbett & Yuri Miyamoto - 2005 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 9 (10):467-473.