Zoe Kourtzi [4]Z. Kourtzi [1]
  1. A Binocular Rivalry Study of Motion Perception in the Human Brain.K. Moutoussis, G. A. Keliris, Z. Kourtzi & N. K. Logothetis - 2005 - Vision Research 45 (17):2231-43.
    The relationship between brain activity and conscious visual experience is central to our understanding of the neural mechanisms underlying perception. Binocular rivalry, where monocular stimuli compete for perceptual dominance, has been previously used to dissociate the constant stimulus from the varying percept. We report here fMRI results from humans experiencing binocular rivalry under a dichoptic stimulation paradigm that consisted of two drifting random dot patterns with different motion coherence. Each pattern had also a different color, which both enhanced rivalry and (...)
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    Integration of Local Features Into Global Shapes: Monkey and Human fMRI Studies.Zoe Kourtzi & Mark Augath - unknown
    was to test the role of both early and higher visual areas in the integration of local features into global shapes. To this end, we conducted functional magnetic resonance imaging studies. Although fMRI lacks the high spatial resolution of intracortical recordings, it allows simultaneous collection of responses to the same stimulus set from multiple visual areas that is not possible with standard recording techniques. We performed these studies in monkeys, where much is known about the properties of neurons in different (...)
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    Linking Form and Motion in the Primate Brain.Zoe Kourtzi, Bart Krekelberg & Richard J. A. van Wezel - 2008 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 12 (6):230-236.
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    Implied Motion Activates Extrastriate Motion-Processing Areas.Zoe Kourtzi & Nancy Kanwisher - 2000 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 4 (8):295-296.
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    But Still, It Moves.Zoe Kourtzi - 2004 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 8 (2):47-49.