1. Review Symposium: Steve Fuller's The New Sociological Imagination: Introduction.Zaheer Baber - 2009 - History of the Human Sciences 22 (2):110-114.
  2. The Science of Empire: Scientific Knowledge, Civilization, and Colonial Rule in India.Zaheer Baber & Lewis Pyenson - 1997 - Annals of Science 54 (2):211-212.
  3.  35
    Orientalism, Occidentalism, Nativism: The Culturalist Quest for Indigenous Science and Knowledge.Zaheer Baber - 2002 - The European Legacy 7 (6):747-758.
  4.  50
    Sociology of Scientific Knowledge.Zaheer Baber - 1992 - Theory and Society 21 (1):105-119.
  5.  43
    The Taming of Science and Technology Studies.Zaheer Baber - 2003 - Social Epistemology 17 (2 & 3):95 – 98.
    Discusses the use by several philosophers of the book "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions," by philosopher Thomas S. Kuhn, as an intellectual source for attacking the sociology of science proposed by Robert K. Merton and his students. Assertion by Kuhn that the philosophers attacking Merton had misconstructed his ideas; Sociology of Kuhnian sociology of science established by Steve Fuller.
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  6.  35
    Underdog Epistemologies and the Muscular, Masculine of Science Hindutva.Zaheer Baber - 2005 - Social Epistemology 19 (1):93 – 98.
    The rise of chauvinist, bigoted and sectarian politics in India coincided with the critique and blanket dismissal of modern science by some Indian intellectuals. The elective affinities between these two developments and the larger global intellectual and politial context have been analyzed in great detail by Meera Nanda. This paper provides a critical examination and appreciation of the enormous intellectual and political significance of Nanda's work.
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