1.  43
    A New Euthyphro.Glenn Peoples - 2010 - Think 9 (25):65-83.
    It is my contention that what is generally construed as the Euthyphro Dilemma as a reason to deny that moral facts are based on theological facts is one of the worst arguments proposed in philosophy of religion or ethical theory, and that Socrates, the character of the dialogue who poses the dilemma, was both morally bankrupt in his challenge to Euthyphro, but more importantly here, ought to have lost the argument hands down. But in any dialogue, the author controls what (...)
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    Subsistence and the Evolution of Religion.Hervey C. Peoples & Frank W. Marlowe - 2012 - Human Nature 23 (3):253-269.
    We present a cross-cultural analysis showing that the presence of an active or moral High God in societies varies generally along a continuum from lesser to greater technological complexity and subsistence productivity. Foragers are least likely to have High Gods. Horticulturalists and agriculturalists are more likely. Pastoralists are most likely, though they are less easily positioned along the productivity continuum. We suggest that belief in moral High Gods was fostered by emerging leaders in societies dependent on resources that were difficult (...)
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    1 Theodor Adorno.Columba Peoples - 2009 - In Jenny Edkins & Nick Vaughan-Williams (eds.), Critical Theorists and International Relations. Routledge. pp. 7.
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  4. La Querelle Rousseau-Hume.Margaret H. Peoples & David Hume - 1928 - A. Jullien.