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A. Primary sources

A.1 Editions of texts by Fârâbî

  • Falsafat Aflaṭûn, in Franz Rosenthal and Richard Walzer (eds. and trs.), [Latin], Alfarabius de Platonis philosophia, London: Warburg, 1943.
  • Iḥṣâʾ al-ʿulûm, in Ángel González Palencia (ed. and tr. [Spanish]), Al-Farabi: Catálogo de las ciencias, second edition, Madrid: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, 1953.
  • [Kutsch & Marrow 1960] Sharḥ al-Fârâbî li-Kitâb Arisṭûṭâlîs fî l-ʿIbâra = Alfarabi’s Commentary on Aristotle’s PERI ERMHNEIAΣ (De Interpretatione), Wilhelm Kutsch and Stanley Marrow (eds.), Beirut: Imprimerie Catholique, 1960. (Scholar)
  • Kitâb al-siyâsa al-madanîya = Alfarabi’s The Political Regime, Fauzi M. Najjar (ed.), Beirut: Imprimerie Catholique, 1964. (Scholar)
  • [Mahdi 1968] Kitâb al-alfâẓ al-mustaʿmala fî l-manṭiq, Muhsin Mahdi (ed.), Beirut: Dar el-Mashreq, 1968. (Scholar)
  • [Mahdi 1969a] Kitâb al-ḥurûf = Alfarabi’s Book of Letters, Muhsin Mahdi (ed.), Beirut: Dar el-Mashreq, 1969a. [Note that Boook of Letters is cited by part and paragraph number followed, possibly, by page number and line number.] (Scholar)
  • [Mahdi 1976] Kitâb iḥṣâʾ al-îqâʿât, selections edited by Muhsin Mahdi in ʿUthmân Amîn (ed.), Nuṣûṣ falsafîya muhdât ilâ l-Duktûr Ibrâhîm Madkûr, Cairo: 1976, pp. 75–8. (Scholar)
  • Kitâb al-wâḥid wa-l-waḥda = Alfarabi’s On One and Unity, Muhsin Mahdi (ed.), Casablanca: Toubkal, 1989. (Scholar)
  • Kitâb al-jamʿ bayna raʾay al-ḥakîmayn, in Cecilia Martini Bonadeo, (ed. and tr. [Italian]), al-Fârâbî: L’armonia delle opinioni dei due sapienti: il divino Platone e Aristotele, Pisa: Plus, 2008. (Scholar)

A.2 Editions of earlier Arabic philosophical texts

  • Oeuvres philosophiques et scientifiques d’al-Kindî, Jean Jolivet and Roshdi Rashed, (ed. and tr. [French]), 2 vols., Leiden: Brill, 1997. (Scholar)

A.3 Translations of texts by Fârâbî

  • Bertolacci, Amos (tr.), 2006a, “On the Aims of the Metaphysics”, in Bertolacci 2006b, 66–72. (Scholar)
  • Bučan, Daniel (tr.), 1999, Abu Nasr Al-Farabi: Knjiga o slovima, Zagreb: Demetra. Croatian translation of the Book of Letters. (Scholar)
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  • ––– (tr.), 2015, Alfarabi: The Political Writings, Volume II: “Political regime” and “Summary of Plato’s laws”, Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press (Scholar)
  • González Palencia, Ángel (ed. and tr. [Spanish]), 1953, Al-Farabi: Catálogo de las ciencias, second edition, Madrid: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas. (Scholar)
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  • Rosenthal, Franz, 1975, The Classical Heritage in Islam, London: Routledge. Contains a translation of On the Appearance of Philosophy, pp. 50–51 (Scholar)
  • Rosenthal, Franz and Richard Walzer (ed. and tr. [Latin]), 1943, Alfarabius de Platonis philosophia, London: Warburg (Scholar)
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  • Zimmermann, F.W. (tr. [with book-length introduction]), 1981, Al-Farabi’s Commentary and Short Treatise on Aristotle’s De interpretatione, London: Published for the British Academy by Oxford University Press (Scholar)

A.4 Translations of earlier Arabic philosophical texts, and a Greek text surviving in Arabic/Hebrew

  • Adamson, Peter and Peter E. Pormann (trs), 2012, The Philosophical Works of Al-Kindî, Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Scholar)
  • Elamrani-Jamal, Abdelali, 1983, Logique aristotélicienne et grammaire arabe, Paris: Vrin. Contains a French translation of the debate between Abû Bishr Mattâ and al-Sîrâfî, pp. 149–63. (Scholar)
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  • Meyrav, Yoav (tr.), 2020, Themistius: On Aristotle Metaphysics 12, London: Bloomsbury. (Scholar)

B. Secondary sources

  • Abed, Shukri B., 1991, Aristotelian Logic and the Arabic Language in Alfârâbî, Albany, NY: SUNY Press. (Scholar)
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