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This bibliography focuses on political philosophy rather than the entire corpus of an author's work, and gives only an overview of some important sources for this vast field. Fuller bibliographies for most of the works and authors discussed can be found in the related articles listed below.

Primary Literature

The Oxford Classical Text series has been used for citation, together with A. A. Long and D. N. Sedley (eds.), 1987, The Hellenistic Philosophers, 2 vols. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press [Greek and Latin texts in vol.2], which is abbreviated LS in the body of this entry. Other editions of reference include the Teubner and Budé series, and for the Stoics, Hans von Arnim, Stoicorum Veterum Fragmenta (Leipzig, 1903– 5; vol. 4 indexes, 1924).

Translations used

The list below is arranged chronologically in relation to the Greek and Latin texts that are translated in each case.

  • Gagarin, M. and P. Woodruff, (eds.), 1995, Early Greek Political Thought from Homer to the Sophists, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Scholar)
  • Cooper, J. M., (ed.), 1997, with D.S. Hutchinson (assoc.ed.), 1997, Plato: Complete Works, Indianapolis: Hackett.
  • Reeve, C.D.C. (tr.), 1998, Aristotle Politics, Indianapolis and Cambridge: Hackett. (Scholar)
  • Barnes, J., (ed.), 1984, The Complete Works of Aristotle, 2 vols., Princeton: Princeton University Press. (Scholar)
  • Everson, S., (ed.), 1996, Aristotle, The Politics and The Constitution of Athens, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press [uses translations from Barnes (ed.) 1984]. (Scholar)
  • Long, A. A., and D. N. Sedley, (eds.), 1987, The Hellenistic Philosophers, 2 vols., Cambridge: Cambridge University Press [translations and commentary, volume 1]. (Scholar)
  • Griffin, M.T., and E.M. Atkins, (eds.), 1991, Cicero, On Duties, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Scholar)
  • Zetzel, J.E.G., (ed.), 1999, Cicero, On the Commonwealth and On the Laws, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Scholar)
  • Inwood, B., (ed.), 2007, Seneca: Selected Philosophical Letters translated with introduction and commentary, Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Scholar)
  • Cooper, J. M. and J.F. Procopé, 1995, Seneca: Moral and Political Essays, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Scholar)
  • Braund, S.M. (ed.), 2009, Seneca: De Clementia, Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Scholar)
  • Lutz, C., 1947, “Musonius Rufus: The Roman Socrates,” Yale Classical Studies, 10: 3–147. (Scholar)
  • Dobbin, R.F., (ed.) 2008, Epictetus: Discourses and Selected Writings, London: Penguin. (Scholar)
  • Farqharson, A.S.L., (ed.), 2008, The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Scholar)

The Loeb Classical Library is a useful collection of classical texts with facing translations, and has been used here for the English translations of Plutarch's Lives (in eleven volumes, all translated by Bernadotte Perrin) and Moralia (in sixteen volumes, by various translators).

Secondary Literature

Reference Works

There are useful series of Cambridge Companions, Cambridge Histories, and Blackwell Companions, among other such series, to various authors, texts, and schools, some of which are cited above. An authoritative source of important articles is H. Temporini (ed.), 1972-, Aufstieg und Niedergang der römischen Welt, Berlin and New York: De Gruyter.

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