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References in this article to Rosmini’s works use the following abbreviations:

A New Essay concerning the Origin of Ideas
Introduction to Philosophy
The Philosophy of Right
The Philosophy of Politics

Other abbreviations:

Antonio Rosmini: Introduction to his Life and Teaching
Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Concise Oxford Dictionary

Critical Edition

  • Opere edite e inedite di Antonio Rosmini. Rome-Stresa. 1966–. Città Nuova Editrice (80 projected volumes —including 19 of correspondence — of which approximately 40 have been published [2001])

Other Editions

  • For a complete list of editions of all Rosmini’s published works in Italian or in translations, cf. Bergamaschi, Cirillo. Bibliografia degli scritti editi di Antonio Rosmini Serbati, 1815–1998, 4 vols., Milan-Stresa, 1970–98. (Scholar)


  • Cleary, D., Watson, T., and Murphy, R. (trans.), 2001, A New Essay concerning the Origin of Ideas. 3 vols. Durham: Rosmini House. (Scholar)
  • Cleary, D., and Watson, T. (trans.), Durham: Rosmini House.
    • Principles of Ethics. 1988.
    • Conscience. 1989.
    • Anthropology as an Aid to Moral Science. 1991.
    • The Philosophy of Politics. 1994.
      vol. 1
      The Summary Cause for the Stability or Downfall of Human Societies.
      vol. 2
      Society and Its Purpose.
    • The Philosophy of Right.
      vol. 1
      The Essence of Right. 1993.
      vol. 2
      Rights of the Individual. 1993.
      vol. 3
      Universal Social Right. 1995.
      vol. 4
      Rights in God’s Church. 1995.
      vol. 5
      Rights in the Family. 1995.
      vol. 6
      Rights in Civil Society. 1996.
    • Psychology. 1999.
      vol. 1
      Essence of the Human Soul.
      vol. 2
      Development of the Human Soul.
      vol. 3
      Laws of Animality.
      vol. 4
      Opinions about the Human Soul.
    • Theosophy. 2007.
      vol. 1
      The Problem of Ontology Being-as-one
      vol. 2
      Trine Being
      vol. 3
      Trine Being Continued
  • Grey, M. (trans.), 1887, The ruling Principle of Method applied to Education. Boston. (Scholar)
  • Murphy, R. (trans.), 2004, Introduction to Philosophy, Durham, UK: Rosmini House. (Scholar)
  • Signini, F. (trans.), 1912, Theodicy. 3 vols. London (Scholar)

Secondary Works

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