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Note on Citations. Passages in Aristotle are cited as follows: title of treatise (italics), book (Roman numeral), chapter (Arabic numeral), line reference. Line references are keyed to the 1831 edition of Immanuel Bekker which had two columns (“a” and “b”) on each page. Politics is abbreviated as Pol. and Nicomachean Ethics as NE. In this article, “Pol. I.2.1252b27”, for example, refers to Politics book I, chapter 2, page 1252, column b, line 27. Most translations include the Bekker page number with column letter in the margin followed by every fifth line number.

Passages in Plato are cited in a similar fashion, except the line references are to the Stephanus edition of 1578 in which pages were divided into five parts (“a” through “e”).

Caveat on Bibliography. Although fairly extensive, this bibliography represents only a fraction of the secondary literature in English. However, the items cited here contain many references to other valuable scholarly work in other languages as well as in English.

A. Greek Text of Aristotle’s Politics

B. English Translations of Aristotle’s Politics

The Clarendon Aristotle Series (Oxford University Press) includes translation and commentary of the Politics in four volumes:

C. Anthologies

D. Single-authored Commentaries and Overviews

E. Studies of Particular Topics

1. Biographical and Textual Studies

2. Methodology and Foundations of Aristotle’s Political Theory

3. Political Naturalism

4. Household: Women, Children, and Slaves

5. Political Economy

6. Political Justice and Injustice

7. Political Friendship and Enmity

8. Citizenship, Civic Obligation, and Political Rights

9. Constitutional Theory

10. Education

11. Law

12. Aristotle and Contemporary Politics

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