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Selected Latin Texts and Critical Editions

The most common and most complete (but uncritical) edition of Augustine in Latin is the seventeenth century Maurist edition of Augustine's Opera Omnia which is reprinted in volumes 32–47 of J.P. Migne's Patrologiae Cursus Completus, Series Latina (Paris 1844–64), referred to below as PL. More critical texts are gradually emerging in four main series:

Given the voluminous number of Augustine's texts, the following list is confined to those especially relevant to the present article. In what follows, the Migne volume [PL] will be provided as well as those of any of the other above editions that have appeared. For information on Augustine texts not listed here, the reader is referred to Fitzgerald 1999, pp. xxxv–xlii, and the reader can also feel free to contact the author via the email address listed at the end of this article.

Selected English Translations

The following list is of standard and available English translations of the works cited above. Again, there is no attempt to be exhaustive, and readers seeking information for titles not listed should consult the relevant entry in Fitzgerald 1999 or contact the author via the email address at the end of this article.

Selected General Studies

The following is a list of works that can be helpful as introductions, guides, or general studies of Augustine's thought. The list represents a variety of viewpoints and approaches to Augustine, but it makes no attempt at being exhaustive. Interested readers should also consult Markus 1967 in “Select Secondary Works” below. The author welcomes suggestions for further additions.

Selected Secondary Works

The following provides a list of works relevant to topics covered in the present article, and most of the works listed are referred to at some point in the body of the article. The author welcomes suggestions for further additions. Interested readers should also note that there is an annual bibliographical survey of literature on Augustine in the Revue des Etudes Augustininnes.

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