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Primary Literature

Major Theoretical Works by Baudrillard:

  • 1968 [1996c], The System of Objects, London: Verso.
  • 1970 [1998], The Consumer Society, Paris: Gallimard.
  • 1973 [1975], The Mirror of Production, St. Louis: Telos Press.
  • 1973 [1981], For a Critique of the Political Economy of the Sign, St. Louis: Telos Press.
  • 1983a, Simulations, New York: Semiotext(e).
  • 1983b, In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities, New York: Semiotext(e).
  • 1983c, “The Ecstacy of Communication,” in The Anti-Aesthetic, Hal Foster (ed.), Washington: Bay Press. (Scholar)
  • 1987, “When Bataille Attacked the Metaphysical Principle of Economy,” D.J. Miller (trans.), Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory, 11: 57–62. (Scholar)
  • 1988, America, London: Verso.
  • 1990a, Cool Memories, London: Verso.
  • 1990b, Fatal Strategies, New York: Semiotext(e).
  • 1993a, Symbolic Exchange and Death, London: Sage.
  • 1993b, The Transparency of Evil, London: Verso.
  • 1994a, Simulacra and Simulation, Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press.
  • 1994b, The Illusion of the End, Oxford: Polity Press.
  • 1995, The Gulf War Did Not Take Place, P. Patton (trans.), Sydney: Power Publications, and Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
  • 1996a, Cool Memories II, Oxford: Polity Press.
  • 1996b, The Perfect Crime, London and New York: Verso Books.
  • 1997, Fragments: Cool Memories III, 1990–1995, London and New York: Verso Books. (Scholar)
  • 2000, The Vital Illusion, New York: Columbia University Press.
  • 2001, Impossible Exchange, London: Verso.
  • 2002a, The Spirit of Terrorism: And Requiem for the Twin Towers, London: Verso.
  • 2002b, Screened Out, London: Verso.
  • 2005a, The Intelligence of Evil or the Lucicity Pact. London: Verson.
  • 2005b, The Conspiracy of Art. New York: Semiotext(e).
  • 2006a, Utopia Deferred. Writing from Utopie (1967–1978). New York: Semiotext(e).
  • 2006b, “The Pyres of Autumn”, New Left Review II (37), Jan/Feb. [Baudrillard 2006b available online]. (Scholar)
  • 2010, The Agony of Power. Semiotext(e) Intervention Series. Vol. 6. Cambridge, MA: Semiotext(e).
  • 2015, Jean Baudrillard: From Hyperreality to Disappearance: Uncollected Interviews, Richard G. Smith, and David B. Clarke, eds., Edinburgh, UK: Edinburgh University Press.
  • 2017, Jean Baudrillard: The Disappearance of Culture: Uncollected Interviews, Richard G. Smith, and David B. Clarke, eds., Edinburgh, UK: Edinburgh University Press.

Secondary Literature

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