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Berkeley’s Works

The standard edition of Berkeley’s works is:

The following abbreviations are used to reference Berkeley’s works:

PC “Philosophical Commentaries” Works 1:9–104
NTV An Essay Towards a New Theory of Vision Works 1:171–239
PHK Of the Principles of Human Knowledge: Part 1 Works 2:41–113
3D Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous Works 2:163–263
DM De Motu, or The Principle and Nature of Motion and the Cause of the Communication of Motions, trans. A.A. Luce Works 4:31–52

References to these works are by section numbers (or entry numbers, for PC), except for 3D, where they are by page number.

Other useful editions include:

A collection, useful to students, of primary texts constituting background to Berkeley or early critical reactions to Berkeley:

Bibliographical studies

References cited

Additional Selected Secondary Literature

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