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Works by Bradley

The more recent of the editions produced in Bradley’s lifetime are the ones now usually cited and the most useful: while the earlier text is left intact, Bradley’s later thoughts are added in the form of notes, appendices and essays, enabling the reader to trace the changes in his ideas. (Such additional material is particularly extensive in the Logic, where Bradley frequently defers to Bosanquet’s criticisms of the first edition.) Collected Essays contains the two pamphlets ‘The Presuppositions of Critical History’ (1874) and ‘Mr Sidgwick’s Hedonism’ (1877) as well as the valuable unfinished essay on relations (1923–4) and a good bibliography. Between them, this book and the important Essays on Truth and Reality contain all his articles of any substance; these are the versions normally cited. Aphorisms, after many years out of print, appeared in 1993 (bound together with ‘Presuppositions of Critical History’ and an introduction by Guy Stock) in a facsimile edition (Bristol: Thoemmes Press). Bradley’s unpublished papers, notebooks and letters received are in the library of Merton College, Oxford. Correspondence between Bradley and Russell is in the Russell Archives at McMaster University; interesting extracts appear on pp. 349–353 of Volume 6 of The Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell (London: Routledge 1992). The John Rylands Library of the University of Manchester has letters from Bradley to Samuel Alexander. Much previously unpublished material was made available in the 1999 Collected Works. [In 2003 Thoemmes Press, the publisher of the Collected Works, was acquired by the Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd. The name of the imprint changed from “Thoemmes” to “Thoemmes Continuum”.]

Secondary Literature

From 1995 to 2004 (inclusive) there appeared a journal, Bradley Studies, which described itself as “aim[ing] to publish critical and scholarly articles on philosophical issues arising from Bradley’s writings and from those of related authors [and] to include each year an ongoing list of what has been published on Bradley and related themes.” In 2005, the journal was amalgamated with another to form Collingwood and British Idealism Studies: incorporating Bradley Studies. Enquiries about back issues of the journal in its previous incarnation should be directed to its then Editor William Mander.

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