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Works by Brentano

  • Psychologie vom empirischen Standpunkt, 2 books, 1874. In 1911 an edition of part of the second book with new appendices was published as Von der Klassifikation der psychischen Phänomene. A revised edition of the whole including the 1911 appendices, edited by Oskar Kraus, was published in 1924. An English translation, Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint, based on the 1924 edition was published in 1973.
    • [PES] Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint, Linda L. McAlister (ed.). Antos C. Rancurello, D.B. Terrell, and Linda L. McAlister (trans.), London: Routledge, 1973, page numbers from the 1995 edition edited by Tim Crane and Johanthan Wolff. (Scholar)
    Page references in brackets refer to the 1973 German edition, Volume I and II, Hamburg: Meiner and to SVS volume 1
  • [LRU] Die Lehre vom richtigen Urteil, Franziska Mayer-Hillebrand (ed.), Bern: Francke Verlag, 1956.
  • Wahrheit und Evidenz, Oskar Kraus (ed.), 1930.
    • [TE] The True and the Evident, Roderick M. Chisholm (ed.), Roderick M. Chisholm, Ilse Politzer, and Kurt R. Fischer (trans.), London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1966. Page numbers from the 2010 edition. (Scholar)
    • Page reference are to the 1974 German edition, Hamburg: Felix Meiner Verlag. (Scholar)
  • Grundlegung und Aufbau der Ethik, Bern: Francke Verlag, 1952.
    • [FCE] Foundation and Construction of Ethics, Elizabeth Hughes Schneewind (trans.), London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1973. Page numbers from the 2009 edition. (Scholar)
    Page references in brackets refer to the 1978 German edition, Hamburg: Felix Meiner Verlag and to SVS volume 3.
  • Vom Ursprung sittlicher Erkenntnis, Leipzig: Duncker and Humblot, 1889. Second edition with Oskar Kraus as editor, 1921, Leipzig: Felix Meiner. Third revised edition also edited by Kraus in 1934.
    • [OKRW] The Origin of Our Knowledge of Right and Wrong, Roderick M. Chisholm (ed.), Roderick M. Chisholm and Elizabeth H. Schneewind (trans.), London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1969. Based on the third edition. Page numbers from the 2009 reprint. (Scholar)
    Page references in brackets to the 1969 German reprint, Hamburg: Felix Meiner Verlag.
  • [VNV] “Von der Natur der Vorstellung” (Diktat 1903). Printed 1987, Johannes Brandl (ed.), in Conceptus: Zeitschrift für Philosophie 21(53/54): 25–31, 1987. (Scholar)
  • [DP] Deskriptive Psychologie, Hamburg: Felix Meiner Verlag, 1982, based on a series of lectures given in 1887. Translated as Descriptive Psychology by Benito Müller, London: Routledge, 1995.
  • [SVS] Sämtliche veröffentlichte Schriften (Complete Published Works), Thomas Binder and Arkadiusz Chrudzimski (eds), Berlin: De Gruyter, 2008.

Further Historical Texts

Secondary Literature

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