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Early Printed Editions

  • Buridan, John, 1509, Subtilissimae Quaestiones super octo Physicorum libros Aristotelis, Paris. Rpr. 1964, as Kommentar zur Aristotelischen Physik, Frankfurt a. M.: Minerva. (Scholar)
  • Buridan, John, 1513, Quaestiones super decem libros Ethicorum Aristotelis ad Nicomachum, Paris. Rpr. 1968, as Super decem libros Ethicorum, Frankfurt a. M.: Minerva. [QNE] (Scholar)
  • Buridan, John, 1588 (actually 1518), In Metaphysicen Aristotelis Questiones argutissimae, Paris. Rpr. 1964, as Kommentar zur Aristotelischen Metaphysik, Frankfurt a. M.: Minerva. [QM] (Scholar)

Modern Editions

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Secondary Sources

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