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Primary Literature

There is currently no up to date critical edition of Butler's works. There are many editions of Butler's Sermons and Analogy. The main editions of Butler's works discussed in this article are:

I have cited these works from the most complete current edition, although the citations should allow for passages to be easily identified in other editions:

I have cited the “Preface” to the 2nd edition of the Sermons as “Preface”, the Sermons by number (i.e. “Sermon VI”), the “Introduction” to the Analogy of Religion as “Introduction”, the main contents of the work by “Analogy” and chapter, the Dissertation of Virtue as “Dissertation”, the Six Sermons as “Six Sermons” and the Clarke/Butler correspondence as “Clarke/Butler”. All references are by paragraph, corresponding to the paragraphs in the White edition above.

Secondary Literature

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