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Navya-Nyāya Texts in English Translation

  • The Manual of Reason (Annambhaṭṭa). Tarkasaṃgrahadīpikā on Tarkasaṃgraha, edited and translated by G. Bhattacharya. Calcutta: Progressive Publishers (1983).
  • Tattvacintāmaṇi (Gaṅgeśa). Epistemology Of Perception: Gaṅgeśa’s Tattvacintāmaṇi, Jewel Of Reflection On The Truth (About Epistemology): The Perception Chapter (Pratyakṣa-khaṇḍa), Transliterated Text, Translation, And Philosophical Commentary. By Stephen H. Phillips and N.S. Ramanuja Tatacharya. Treasury of the Indic Sciences. New York: American Institute of Buddhist Studies, 2004.
  • Padārthatattvanirūpaṇa (Raghunātha). The Padārthatattvanirūpaṇam of Raghunātha śiromaṇi, trans. Karl Potter. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard-Yenching Institute (1957).
  • Nyāyasiddāntamañjarī (Janakīnātha Cūḍāmaṇi). Perception and Inference in the Nyāyasiddāntamañjarī, text, translation and notes, by Tuvia Gelblum. University of London PhD Thesis (1960–61).
  • Bhāṣāpariccheda (Viśvanātha). Bhāṣāparicceda with Siddhānta-muktāvalī, trans. Swami Madhavananda. Calcutta: Advaita Ashrama (1996).
  • Tarka-kaumudī (Laugākṣi Bhāskara). The Moonlight of Logic: Studies in Laugākṣi Bhāskara’s Tarka-kaumudī, trans. Plamen Gradinarov. Delhi: Ajanta Books (1991). (Scholar)
  • Śaktivāda (Gadādhara). Gadādhara’s śaktivāda: Theory of the Expressive Power of Words, trans. V. P. Bhatta. Delhi: Eastern Book Linkers (1994). (Scholar)

General Works

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