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A. Primary Sources

Frege’s Complete Corpus

Chronological Catalog of Frege’s Work

Works by Frege Cited in this Entry

Two useful source books for translations of Frege’s Writings are:

  • P. Geach and M. Black (eds. and trans.), 1980, Translations from the Philosophical Writings of Gottlob Frege, Oxford: Blackwell, third edition. (Scholar)
  • B. McGuinness (ed.), 1984, Collected Papers on Mathematics, Logic, and Philosophy, Oxford: Blackwell. (Scholar)

Many of the works listed below are translated and collected in the above.

1873 Über eine geometrische Darstellung der imaginären Gebilde in der Ebene, Inaugural-Dissertation der Philosophischen Fakultät zu Göttingen zur Erlangung der Doktorwürde, Jena: A. Neuenhann, 1873; translated by H. Kaal, On a Geometrical Representation of the Imaginary Forms in the Plane, in McGuinness (ed.) 1984, pp. 1–55.
1874 Rechnungsmethoden, die sich auf eine Erweiterung des Grössenbegriffes gründen, Dissertation zur Erlangung der Venia Docendi bei der Philosophischen Fakultät in Jena, Jena: Friedrich Frommann, 1874; translation by H. Kaal, Methods of Calculation based on an Extension of the Concept of Quantity, in McGuinness (ed.) 1984, pp. 56–92.
1879 Begriffsschrift, eine der arithmetischen nachgebildete Formelsprache des reinen Denkens, Halle a. S.: Louis Nebert; translated as Concept Script, a formal language of pure thought modelled upon that of arithmetic, by S. Bauer-Mengelberg in J. van Heijenoort (ed.), From Frege to Gödel: A Source Book in Mathematical Logic, 1879–1931, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1967.
1882 ‘Über den Zweck der Begriffsschrift’, Jenaische Zeitschrift für Naturwissenschaft (Supplement), 16: 1–10; translated by V. Dudman as ‘On the Purpose of the Begriffsschrift’, The Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 46/2 (1968): 89–97. (Also translated in T. Bynum (ed., trans.), Conceptual Notation and Related Articles, Oxford: Clarendon, 1972.)
1884 Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik: eine logisch mathematische Untersuchung über den Begriff der Zahl, Breslau: W. Koebner; translated as The Foundations of Arithmetic: A logico-mathematical enquiry into the concept of number, by J.L. Austin, Oxford: Blackwell, second revised edition, 1953.
1891 ‘Funktion und Begriff’, Vortrag, gehalten in der Sitzung vom 9. Januar 1891 der Jenaischen Gesellschaft für Medizin und Naturwissenschaft, Jena: Hermann Pohle; translated as ‘Function and Concept’ by P. Geach in Geach and Black (eds. and trans.) 1980, 21–41.
1892a ‘Über Sinn und Bedeutung’, in Zeitschrift für Philosophie und philosophische Kritik, 100: 25–50; translated as ‘On Sense and Reference’ by M. Black in Geach and Black (eds. and trans.), 1980, 56–78.
1892b ‘Über Begriff und Gegenstand’, in Vierteljahresschrift für wissenschaftliche Philosophie, 16: 192–205; translated as ‘Concept and Object’ by P. Geach in Geach and Black (eds. and trans.) 1980, 42–55.
1893/1903 Grundgesetze der Arithmetik, Jena: Verlag Hermann Pohle, Band I/II. Complete translation by P. Ebert and M. Rossberg (with C. Wright) as Basic Laws of Arithmetic: Derived using concept-script, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013. Partial translation of Volume I, The Basic Laws of Arithmetic, by M. Furth, Berkeley: University of California Press, 1964.
1903b ‘Über die Grundlagen der Geometrie’, Jahresbericht der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung 12 (1903): 319–324 (Part I), 368–375 (Part II); translated ‘On the Foundations of Geometry’ (First Series), by E.-H. W. Kluge, in McGuinness (ed.) 1984, pp. 273–284.
1904 ‘Was ist eine Funktion?’, in Festschrift Ludwig Boltzmann gewidmet zum sechzigsten Geburtstage, 20. Februar 1904, S. Meyer (ed.), Leipzig: Barth, 1904, pp. 656–666; translated as ‘What is a Function?’ by P. Geach in Geach and Black (eds. and trans.) 1980, 107–116.
1906 ‘Über die Grundlagen der Geometrie’, Jahresbericht der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung 15: 293–309 (Part I), 377–403 (Part II), 423–430 (Part III); translated as ‘On the Foundations of Geometry’ (Second Series), by E.-H. W. Kluge, in On the Foundations of Geometry and Formal Theories of Arithmetic, New Haven: Yale University Press, 1971; reprinted in B. McGuinness (ed.) 1984, 293–340.
1918a ‘Der Gedanke. Eine Logische Untersuchung’, Beiträge zur Philosophie des deutschen Idealismus, I (1918–1919): 58–77; translated as ‘Thoughts’, by P. Geach and R. Stoothoff, in McGuinness (ed.) 1984, pp. 351–372.
1918b ‘Die Verneinung. Eine Logische Untersuchung’, Beiträge zur Philosophie des deutschen Idealismus, I (1919): 143–157; translated as ‘Negation’, by P. Geach and R. Stoothoff, in McGuinness (ed.), 1984, pp. 373–389.
1923 ‘Logische Untersuchungen. Dritter Teil: Gedankengefüge’, Beiträge zur Philosophie des deutschen Idealismus, III (1923–1926): 36–51; translated as ‘Compound Thoughts’, by P. Geach and R. Stoothoff, in McGuinness (ed.) 1984, pp. 390–406.
1924 [Diary], G. Gabriel and W. Kienzler (eds.), ‘Diary: Written by Professor Gottlob Frege in the Time from 10 March to 9 April 1924’, R. Mendelsohn (trans.), Inquiry, 39 (1996): 303–342.

B. Secondary Sources

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