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Primary Sources

The most complete list of Giles' works can be found in Del Punta--Donati--Luna 1993 together with the most reliable attempt at dating them (see also Donati 1990b as far as commentaries on Aristotle are concerned). The same article by Del Punta, Donati and Luna also contains the best available bibliography, which can be complemented with Lezcano 1995, 32–50 and Lanza 2003.It is impossible to reproduce all that information in the present entry. Standard older editions were reprinted in Frankfurt 1967–1970. Among the texts edited in our century I would mention the following:

  • De ecclesiastica potestate, R. Scholz (ed.), Weimar 1929 (New critical edition and revised English translation in R. W. Dyson, Giles of Rome's On Ecclesiastical Power. A Medieval Theory of World Government., New York 2004 (Scholar)
  • Theoremata de esse et essentia, H. Hocedez (ed.), Louvain 1930.
  • De differentia ethicae, politicae et rhetoricae, ed. G. Bruni, The New Scholasticism, 6 (1932): 5–12.
  • Errores philosophorum, J. Koch (ed.), Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1944.
  • Quaestio de medio demonstrationis, J. Pinborg (ed.), “Diskussionen um die Wissenschaftstheorie an der Artistenfakultät”, Die Auseinandersetzungen an der Pariser Universität im XIII. Jahrhundert. (Miscellanea medievalia, 10), ed. A. Zimmermann, Berlin-New York 1976, 240–268. (Scholar)
  • Quaestio de subiecto theologiae, C. Luna (ed.), “Una nuova questione di Egidio Romano ‘De subiecto theologiae’”, Freiburger Zeitschrift für Philosophie und Theologie 37 (1990), pp. 397–439. (Scholar)
  • Super librum I Sententiarum (reportatio), C. Luna (ed.), “Fragments d'une reportation du commentaire de Gilles de Rome sur le premier livre des Sentences. Les extraits des mss. Clm. 8005 et Paris, B. N. Lat. 15819”, Revue des sciences philosophiques et théologiques, 74 (1990), 205–254; 437–456. (Scholar)
  • Super librum III Sententiarum (reportatio), C. Luna (ed.), “La Reportatio della lettura di Egidio Romano sul libro III delle Sentenze e il problema dell'autenticità dell'Ordinatio”, Documenti e studi sulla tradizione filosofica medievale, I (1990), 113–225, II (1991) 75–146. (Scholar)
  • Super librum IV Sententiarum (reportatio), C. Luna (ed.), “La lecture de Gilles de Romes sur le quatriéme livre des Sentences. Les extraits du Clm. 8005”, Recherches de Théologie ancienne et médievale, LVII (1990), 183–255. (Scholar)
  • De renuntiatione papae, ed. J. R. Eastman, Lewinston-Queenston-Lampeter 1992.
  • Of the planned critical edition, Aegidii Romani Opera omnia, Firenze 1985– have already appeared:
    • III, 1, Apologia, ed. R. Wielockx, Firenze 1985 (Scholar)
    • III, 2, Reportatio Lecturae super libros I-IV Sententiarum,Reportatio monacensis, C. Luna (ed.), Firenze 2003
    • II, 13, De formatione humani corporis in utero, R. Martorelli Vico (ed.), Firenze 2008
    • I.1/1, Catalogo dei manoscritti, Città del Vaticano, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, B. Faes de Mottoni and C. Luna (eds.), Firenze 1987.
    • I.1/3*, Catalogo dei Manoscritti, Francia (Dipartimenti), F. Del Punta and C. Luna (eds.), Firenze 1987.
    • I.1/3**, Catalogo dei Manoscritti, Francia (Dipartimenti), C. Luna (ed.), Firenze 1988.
    • I.1/2*, Catalogo dei Manoscritti, Italia (Firenze, Padova, Venezia), F. Del Punta and C. Luna (eds.), Firenze 1988.
    • I.1/2** Catalogo dei manoscritti, Italia (Assisi-Venezia), F. Del Punta, B. Faes de Mottoni and C.Luna (eds.), Firenze 1998.
    • I.1/5*, Catalogo dei Manoscritti, Repubblica Federale di Germania (Monaco), B. Faes de Mottoni (ed.), Firenze 1990.
    • I.1/11, Catalogo dei manoscritti, De regimine principum (Città del Vaticano- Italia), F. del Punta and C. Luna (eds.), Firenze 1993
    • I.6 Repertorio dei sermoni, C. Luna (ed.), Firenze 1990.

Secondary Literature

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