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A. Primary Works (in Aesthetics)

A.1 Books

  • 1968a, Languages of Art: An Approach to a Theory of Symbols, Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Company.
  • 1972a, (with Perkins, David, and Howard Gardner), Basic Abilities Required for Understanding and Creation in the Arts: Final Report, Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University, Graduate School of Education: Project No. 9–0283.
  • 1972b, Problems and Projects, Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Company.
  • 1976, Languages of Art: An Approach to a Theory of Symbols, 2nd edition, Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Company.
  • 1978a, Ways of Worldmaking, Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Company.
  • 1984, Of Mind and Other Matters, Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press.
  • 1988, (with Catherine Z. Elgin), Reconceptions in Philosophy and Other Arts and Sciences, London: Routledge.

A.2 Articles

  • 1966, “Merit as Means,” in Sidney Hook (ed.), Art and Philosophy, New York: New York University Press, reprinted in Goodman, 1972b. (Scholar)
  • 1968b, “Art and Inquiry” (Presidential Address), Proceedings and Addresses of The American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division, 41, Yellow Springs, OH: Antioch. (Scholar)
  • 1970a, “Some Notes on Languages of Art. Reply to Richard Wollheim,” Journal of Philosophy, 67, reprinted in Goodman, 1972b. (Scholar)
  • 1970b, (with Howard Gardner), “The Randolph Museum Case,” prepared for the Institute in Arts Administration, Harvard University. (Scholar)
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  • 1997, “Some Reflections on My Philosophies,” Philosophia Scientiae, 2. (Scholar)

A.3 Multimedia Works

  • 1972, Hockey Seen: A Nightmare in Three Periods and Sudden Death, first performed in Cambridge, Mass. Drawings by Katharine Sturgis; author and producer, Nelson Goodman; choreographer, Martha Gray; composer, John C. Adams.
  • 1973, Rabbit, Run, dance version of John Updike’s novel, first performed at the Agassiz Theatre, Harvard University. Author and producer, Nelson Goodman; choreographer, Martha Gray; composer, Joel Kabakov. (Scholar)
  • 1985d, Variations: An Illustrated Lecture Concert, including live or taped performance of David Alpher’s “Las Meninas” Theme and Variations for piano, guitar, oboe, and cello, synchronized with presentation of slides of Las Meninas by Velazquez and of Picasso’s painted variations on it, first performed at the University of Helsinki. Conceptual design by Nelson Goodman.

B. Secondary Works

B.1 References

B.2 Festschrifts and Symposia

  • The Monist, Special issue dedicated to Languages of Art, 1974, 58. Includes: Margolis, Joseph, “Art as Language”; Sparshot, F. E., “Goodman on Expression”; Tormey, Alan, “Indeterminacy and of Identity in Art”; Kjørup, Søren. “George Inness and the Battle of Hastings, or Doing Things with Pictures”; Walton, Kendall L., “Are Representations Symbols?”; Bennett, John G., “Depiction and Convention”; Carrier, David, “A Reading of Goodman on Representation”; Ross, Stephanie, “Caricature”; Goodman, Nelson. “On Some Questions Concerning Quotation.” 294–306; Howard, V. A., “On Musical Quotation.” (Scholar)
  • The Monist, Supplement, Symposium on Skills and Symbols, 1974, 58. Includes: Gardner, Howard, “A Psychological Investigation of Nelson Goodman’s Theory of Symbols”; Wartowsky, Marx W., “Art, Action and Ambiguity”; Goodman, Nelson, “On Reconceiving Cognition.” (Scholar)
  • Erkenntnis, Special issue dedicated to The Philosophy of Nelson Goodman, 1978, 12. Includes: Eberle, Rolf A., “Goodman on Likeness and Difference of Meaning”; Wartowsky, Marx W., “Rules and Representation: The Virtues of Constancy and Fidelity Put in Perspective”; Robinson, Jenefer. “Two Theories of Representation”; Kjørup, Søren, “Pictorial Speech Acts”; Howard, V. A., “Music and Constant Comment”; Sagoff, Mark, “Historical Authenticity”; Beardsley, Monroe C., “Languages of Art and Art Criticism”; Morawski, Stefan, “Three Observations on Languages of Art”; Rudner, Richard S., “Show or Tell: Incoherence among Symbol Systems”; Goodman, Nelson, “Replies”. (Scholar)
  • The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Symposium: Aesthetics and Worldmaking: An Exchange with Nelson Goodman, 1981, 39. Includes: Ackerman, James S., “Worldmaking and Practical Criticism”; Kulenkampff, Jens, “Music Considered as a Way of Worldmaking”; Martin, Richard, “On Some Aesthetic Relations”; Nagel, Alan F., “‘Or as a Blanket’ Some Comments and Questions on Exemplification”; Margolis, Joseph, “What is When? When is What? Two Questions for Nelson Goodman”; Silvers, Anita, “The Secret of Style”; Hernadi, Paul.“More Questions Concerning Quotations”; Goodman, Nelson, “Replies.” (Scholar)
  • Journal of Aesthetic Education, Symposium on More Ways of Worldmaking, 1991, 25. Includes: Hernadi, Paul, “More Ways of Worldmaking”; Goodman, Nelson, “On Capturing Cities”; Elgin, Catherine Z., “Sign, Symbol and System”; Mitchell, W.J.T., “Realism, Irrealism and Ideology—A Critique of Nelson Goodman”; Wollheim, Richard, “The Core of Aesthetics”; Hernadi, Paul, “Reconceiving Notation and Performance”; Ullian, J. S. “Truth”; Bruner, Jerome, “Self-Making and World-Making”; Hawley, A., “A Venerable Museum Faces the Future—Guided Tour Through the Gardner and its Director’s Mind”; Elgin, Catherine Z., “What Goodman Leaves Out”; Goodman, Nelson, “Retrospections”; Berka, Sigrid, “An International Bibliography of Works by and Selected Works about Nelson Goodman.” (Scholar)
  • The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Symposium: The Legacy of Nelson Goodman, 2000, 58. Includes: Carter, Curtis, “Nelson Goodman: Obituary”; Robinson, Jenefer, “Languages of Art at the End of the Century”; Elgin, Catherine Z., “Reorienting Aesthetics, Reconceiving Cognition”; Lopes, Dominic McIver, “From Languages of Art to Art in Mind”; Cometti, Jean-Pierre, “Activating Art: A View from France”; Kivy, Peter, “How to Forge a Musical Work”; Gardner, Howard, “Project Zero: Nelson Goodman’s Legacy in Arts Education.” (Scholar)

B.3 Books

B.4 Articles and Book Chapters

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