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A. Primary sources


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For attempts at compilations of Goodman’s complete corpus see Berka 1991, the bibliography in Cohnitz and Rossberg 2006, or follow the link in Other Internet Resources below to the list of writings by Goodman compiled by John Lee (University of Edinburgh).

Works by Goodman cited in this entry

  • 1940 (with Henry S. Leonard) “The Calculus of Individuals and Its Uses”, Journal of Symbolic Logic, 5:45–55. (Scholar)
  • 1947 (with W.V. Quine) “Steps Toward a Constructive Nominalism”, Journal of Symbolic Logic, 12:105–22. Reprinted in PP, 173–98. (Scholar)
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  • 1958 “On Relations that Generate”, Philosophical Studies, 9:65–66. Reprinted in PP, 171–72. (Scholar)
  • 1980 “Conversation with Franz Boenders and Mia Gosselin” (revised text of a television interview, Belgium Radio-Television System, Brussels, August 1980), in MM, 189–200.
  • 2005 “Gewissheit ist etwas ganz und gar Absurdes” [“Certainty is something altogether Absurd”] (interviewed by Karlheinz Lüdeking), in Steinbrenner et al. 2005: 261–69.

B. Secondary sources

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