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Primary Sources

Books By Grice

  • 1989, Studies in the Way of Words (SWW), Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press; a collection including most of the important works published during his lifetime.
  • 1991, The Conception of Value, New York: Oxford University Press; a posthumous publication of the John Locke Lectures, delivered in 1979.
  • 2001, Aspects of Reason (ed. Richard Warner), Oxford: Oxford University Press; a posthumously published book exploring the nature of reasons and reasoning.

Selected Articles By Grice

  • 1957, (with P F Strawson), ‘In Defence Of A Dogma’, Philosophical Review, 65: 141–58. Reprinted in SWW. (Scholar)
  • 1957, ‘Meaning’, The Philosophical Review, 66: 377–88. Reprinted in SWW. (Scholar)
  • 1961, ‘The Causal Theory of Perception’, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society (Supplementary Volume), 35: 121–52. Reprinted in SWW. (Scholar)
  • 1968, ‘Utterer’s Meaning, Sentence Meaning, and Word-Meaning’, Foundations of Language, 4: 225-42. Reprinted in SWW. (Scholar)
  • 1969, ‘Utterer’s Meaning and Intentions’, The Philosophical Review, 68: 147–77. Reprinted in SWW. (Scholar)
  • 1971, ‘Intention and Uncertainty’, Proceedings of the British Academy, 57: 263–79. (Scholar)
  • 1975, ‘Logic and Conversation’, in The Logic of Grammar, D. Davidson and G. Harman (eds), Encino, CA: Dickenson, 64–75. Reprinted in SWW. (Scholar)
  • 1975b, ‘Method in Philosophical psychology (From the Banal to the Bizarre)’, Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association, 48: 23–53. (Scholar)
  • 1978, ‘Further Notes on Logic and Conversation’, in Syntax and Semantics: Pragmatics, v 9, P. Cole (ed.), New York: Academic Press, 183–97. Reprinted in SWW. (Scholar)
  • 1981, ‘Presupposition and Conversational Implicature’, in Radical Pragmatics, P. Cole (ed.), New York: Academic Press, 183–97. (Scholar)
  • 1982, ‘Meaning Revisited’, in Mutual Knowledge, N.V. Smith (ed), New York: Academic Press, 223–43. Reprinted in SWW. (Scholar)

Secondary Sources

Books On Grice

Articles On Grice

  • Baker, J., 1989, “The metaphysical construction of value”, Journal of Philosophy, 10: 505–13. (Scholar)
  • Davis, W. 2007, “Grice’s Meaning Project”, Journal of Pragmatics, 26: 41–58. (Scholar)
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  • Grim, P., 2011, “Simulating Grice: emergent pragmatics in spatialized game theory”, in Language, Games, and Evolution, edited by A. Benz, C. Ebert, G, Jager, and R. van Rooij, Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Verlag. (Scholar)
  • Hazlett, A., 2007, “Grice’s razor”, Metaphilosophy, 38: 669–690. (Scholar)
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  • –––, 2013, “Austin, J. L.”, International Encyclopedia of Ethics, edited by H. LaFollette, Wiley-Blackwell. (Scholar)
  • Ziff, P., 1967, “On H. P. Grice’s Account of Meaning”, Analysis, 28: 1–8. (Scholar)

Books Developing a (more or less) Gricean account of meaning:

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