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Primary Literature

(For a complete listing of publications, see Hare 1997a: 167–82, updated in 2000 reprint.)

  • unpublished (early 1940s), “An Essay in Monism”, Balliol College Archive. (I quote from the typescript, within which chs 1–12 are numbered in type pp. 1–120, after which a new pagination starts in pencil.) (Scholar)
  • unpublished (1949–50), “Moral Objectivity”, Balliol College Archive. (Scholar)
  • unpublished (1950), “Practical Reason”, Balliol College Archive. (Scholar)
  • 1949, “Imperative Sentences”, Mind, 58: 21–39; reprinted in Hare 1971a: 1–21. (Scholar)
  • 1950/1, “Theology and Falsification”, University, 1 (Winter); reprinted in 1992a: 37–9 (page-reference in text to reprint). (Scholar)
  • 1952, The Language of Morals, Oxford: Clarendon Press.
  • 1954/5, “Universalizability”, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, 55: 295–312; reprinted in Hare 1972b: 13–28. (Scholar)
  • 1955, “Ethics and Politics”, The Listener, 54 (13 October): 593–4; 55 (20 October): 651–2; the first installment was reprinted as “Can I Be Blamed for Obeying Orders?”, Hare 1972a: 1–8. (Scholar)
  • 1957, “Geach: Good and Evil”, Analysis, 18: 103–12. (Scholar)
  • 1959, “Nothing Matters”, published in French in La Philosophie Analytique, Paris: Les Éditions de Minuit; reprinted in English in 1972a: 32–47. (Scholar)
  • 1963, Freedom and Reason, Oxford: Clarendon Press.
  • 1964, “A Question about Plato's Theory of Ideas”, in M. Bunge (ed.), The Critical Approach, Essays in Honor of Karl Popper, Glencoe IL: Free Press of Glencoe; reprinted in 1971b: 54–79 (page-reference in text to reprint). (Scholar)
  • 1967, “Some Alleged Differences between Indicatives and Imperatives”, Mind, 76: 309–26; reprinted in Hare 1971a: 25–43 (page-reference in text to reprint). (Scholar)
  • 1968, “Wanting, Some Pitfalls”, in R. Binkley (ed.), Agent, Action and Reason (Proceedings of the University of Western Ontario Colloquium); reprinted in Hare 1971a: 44–58. (Scholar)
  • 1969, “Practical Inferences”, in V. Kruse (ed.), Festskrift til Alf Ross, Copenhagen: Juristvorbundets Vorlag; reprinted in Hare 1971a: 59–73 (page-reference in text to reprint). (Scholar)
  • 1970, “Meaning and Speech Acts”, Philosophical Review, 79: 3–24; reprinted in Hare 1971a: 74–93. (Scholar)
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  • 1972c, “Wrongness and Harm”, in 1972b: 92–109.
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  • 1975, “Abortion and the Golden Rule”, Philosophy and Public Affairs, 4: 201–22; reprinted in 1993a: 147–67. (Scholar)
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  • 1989a, Essays in Ethical Theory, Oxford: Clarendon Press.
  • 1989b, Essays on Political Morality, Oxford: Clarendon Press.
  • 1989c, “Some Sub-Atomic Particles of Logic”, Mind, 98: 23–37; reprinted in Hare 1999: 28–42. (Scholar)
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  • 1999, Objective Prescriptions and Other Essays, Oxford: Clarendon Press.
  • 2002, “A Philosophical Autobiography”, Utilitas, 14: 269–305. (Scholar)

Secondary and Other Literature

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