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Apart from the references in the text, the bibliography also lists several recent studies on Avicenna along with some reference works. For a full list of Avicenna’s works in Arabic and Persian, their editions, translations, and studies, see the inventory in Gutas 2014a, also for further bibliography.

Works by Ibn Sina

GL 4 The Science of Logic, in verse (Urjūza fī ʿilm al-manṭiq). Text in Manṭiq al-mashriqiyyīn wa-l-Qaṣīda al-muzdawija, taṣnīf al-Raʾīs Abī ʿAlī Ibn Sīnā, Cairo 1910, pp. 1–18. Modern Latin translation in Aug. Schmoelders, Documenta philosophiae Arabum, Bonn 1836, pp. 26–42.
GM 7 Alive, Son of Awake (Ḥayy Ibn-Yaqẓān). Text in M.A.F. Mehren, Traités mystiques d’Abou Alî al-Hosain b. Abdallah b. Sînâ ou d’Avicenne, I, Leiden 1889–1899. French translation by Goichon 1959.
GM 8 The Bird (al-Ṭayr). Text in Mehren (as in GM 7), II,27–32. English translation in Heath 1990.
GM 9 The Divine Pearl: On Professing the Unity of God (Al-Jumāna al-ilāhiyya fī l-tawḥīd). No edition or translation available.
GMed 1 The Canon of Medicine (al-Qānūn fī l-ṭibb). Text in E. al-Qashsh and ʿAlī Zayʿūr, eds., Al-Qānūn fī l-ṭibb, 4 vols., Beirut 1413/1993. For various partial translations see Janssens 1991, 30–35, and Janssens 1999, 17–18.
GMed 27 Medicine, in verse (Urjūza fī l-ṭibb). Text and French translation in H. Jahier and A. Noureddine, eds., Avicenne, Poème de la médecine, Paris 1956.
GP 8 Answers to Questions Posed by Bīrūnī (Al-Ajwiba ʿan masāʾil Abī Rayḥān al-Bīrūnī). Text in S.H. Nasr and M. Mohaghegh, Abū Reyḥān Bērūnī va Ebn-e Sīnā, Al-Asʾila wa-l-ajwiba, Tehran 1352Sh/1974. English translation in R. Berjak and M. Iqbal, “Ibn Sīnā - al-Bīrūnī Correspondence,” Islam & Science 1 (2003) 91–98, 253–260; 2 (2004) 57–62, 181–187; 3 (2005) 57–62, 166–170.
GP 10 Compendium on the Soul (Kitāb fī l-Nafs ʿalā sunnat al-iḫtiṣār). Text and German translation in S. Landauer, “Die Psychologie des Ibn Sīnā,” Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft 29 (1875) 335–418.
GPP 1 Piety and Sin (al-Birr wa-l-ithm). The work does not survive except in some fragments of questionable provenance; see Gutas 2014a, 498. A fragment in a MS going under that title was published in ʿA.Z. Shamsaddīn, ed., Al-Madhhab al-tarbawī ʿinda Ibn Sīnā, Beirut 1988, pp. 353–368.
GPW 1 Letter to the Scholars of Baghdad (Risāla ilā ʿUlamāʾ Baghdād yasʾaluhum al-inṣāf baynahu wa-bayna rajul Hamadhānī yaddaʿī l-ḥikma). Text in E. Yarshater, ed., Panj Resāle, Tehran 1332Sh/1953, pp. 73–90. German translation in R. Arnzen, Platonische Ideen in der arabischen Philosophie, Berlin 2011, pp. 355–370.
GPW 2 Letter to a Friend (R. ilā Ṣadīq  yasʾaluhu l-inṣāf baynahu wa-bayna l-Hamadhānī alladhī yaddaʿī l-ḥikma). Text and French translation in Y. Michot, Ibn Sînâ. Lettre au vizir Abû Sa‘d, Beirut and Paris 2000.
GPW 3 Repudiating Charges of Imitating the Qurʾān (R. fī Intifāʾ ʿammā nusiba ilayhi min muʿāraḍat al-Qurʾān). Text and French translation in Y. Michot, “Le Riz trop cuit du Kirmânî,” in Mélanges offerts à Hossam Elkhadem, F. Daelemans et al., eds., Archives et Bibliothèques de Belgique, Numéro Spécial 83, Brussels 2007, pp. 81–129.
GS 2 The Compilation / Philosophy for ʿArūḍī (al-Majmūʿ/ al-Ḥikma al-ʿArūḍiyya). Text in M. Ṣāliḥ, Kitāb al-Majmūʿ aw al-Ḥikma al-ʿArūḍiyya, Beirut 1428/2007. No full translation yet available.
GS 3 Elements of Philosophy (ʿUyūn al-ḥikma). Text in ʿA. Badawī, ed., Avicennae Fontes Sapientiae [Mémorial Avicenne - V], Cairo 1954. No translation available.
GS 5 The Cure (al-Shifāʾ). Edition by various scholars in 22 volumes, Cairo 1952–1983.
 De anima (part of The Cure). Text in  F. Rahman, ed., Avicenna’s De anima, London: Oxford University Press, 1959. No full translation available. For parts in English translation see The Salvation.
GS 6 The Salvation (al-Najāt). Text in M.T. Dāneshpaǰūh, ed., Al-Najāt, Tehran 1364Sh/[1985]. English translation of the logic part in A.Q. Ahmed, Avicenna’s Deliverance: Logic, Karachi: Oxford University Press, 2011. English translation of parts on the soul in F. Rahman, Avicenna’s Psychology. An English Translation of Kitāb al-Najāt,Book II, Chapter VI, London: Oxford University Press, 1952.
GS 7 Philosophy for ʿAlāʾ-ad-Dawla (Dāneshnāme-ye ʿAlāʾī). Text in M. Meshkāt, Manṭiq and Ṭabīʿiyyāt;  M. Moʿīn, Ilāhiyyāt; and M. Mīnovī, Riyāḍiyyāt, Tehran 1331Sh/[1952]. French translation in M. Achena and Henri Massé, Le Livre de science, Paris: Les Belles Lettres / UNESCO, ²1986.
GS 8 The Easterners; Eastern Philosophy (al-Mashriqiyyūn; al-Ḥikma al-mashriqiyya). Text in Manṭiq al-mashriqiyyīn wa-l-Qaṣīda al-muzdawija, taṣnīf al-Raʾīs Abī ʿAlī Ibn Sīnā, Cairo 1910.
GS 9 Pointers and Reminders (al-Ishārāt wa-l-tanbīhāt). Text in J. Forget, Ibn Sīnā. Le livre des théorèmes et des avertissements, Leiden 1892, and in M. Zāreʿī, Al-Ishārāt wa-l-tanbīhāt li-l-Shaykh al-Raʾīs Ibn Sīnā, Qum 1381Sh/2002. French translation in Goichon 1951; English translation in Inati 1984, 1996, and 2014.
GS 10 The Available and the Valid [of Philosophy] (al-Ḥāṣil wa-l-maḥṣūl). Not extant.
GS 11 Fair Judgment (al-Inṣāf). Only the following parts are extant:
 (a) Commentary on [Metaphysics] Lambda (Sharḥ Kitāb al-lām). Text and French translation in Geoffroy et al. 2014.
 (b) Commentary on the Theologia Aristotelis (Tafsīr/Sharḥ Kitāb Uthūlūjiyā). Text in Badawī 1947, pp. 37–74. French translation in Vajda 1951.
 (c) Marginal Glosses on Aristotle’s De anima (al-Taʿlīqāt ʿalā ḥawāšī Kitāb al-Nafs li-Arisṭūṭālīs). Text in Badawī 1947, pp. 75–116; no translation available.
GS 12a Notes (al-Taʿlīqāt). Text in ʿA. Badawī, Ibn Sīnā, al-Taʿlīqāt, Cairo 1973. No full translation available.
GS 14 Discussions (al-Mubāḥathāt). Text in M. Bīdārfar, Al-Mubāḥathāt, Qum 1371Sh/1992.

Secondary Sources

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