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A. Primary Literature

1. Petrizi's Works

  • Joane Petrizi, Interpretation of the “Elementatio theologica” of Proclus, ed. and with a study by Sh. Nutsubidze and S. Kaukhchishvili (Opera II), Tbilisi 1937 (in Old Georgian). (Scholar)
  • –––, The “Elementatio theologica” of the Platonic Philosopher Proclus, trans. from the Greek, ed. and with a study and a vocabulary by S. Kaukhchishvili, with an introduction by M. Gogiberidze (Opera I), Tbilisi 1940 (in Old Georgian). (Scholar)
  • –––, Rassmotrenie platonovskoi filosofii i Prokla diadokha. Perevod c drevnegruzinskogo jazyka I. D. Pantskhavy. Redaktori toma G. V. Tevzadze, N. R. Natadze. Vstupitelnaja statia i primechanija G. V. Tevzadze, Moskva 1984 (in Russian). (Scholar)
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  • –––, Kommentar zur “Elementatio theologica” des Proclos, Übersetzung aus dem Altgeorgischen, Anmerkungen, Indices und Einleitung von L. Alexidze und L. Bergemann, Amsterdam/Philadelphia 2009. (Scholar)
  • Nemesius of Emesa, On the Nature of Man, trans. into Old Georgian by Joane Petrizi, ed. with an introduction and vocabulary by S. Gorgadze, Tbilisi 1914.

2. Other Authors

  • Anton I. (= Bagrationi), 1991, Spekali, ed., with a study and vocabulary by G. Dedabrishvili, Tbilisi (in Georgian). (Scholar)
  • Joane Bagrationi, 1974, Kalmasoba. Philosophical Part, ed. by G. Dedabrishvili (Studies on the History of Georgian Philosophical Thought, vol. III), Tbilisi (in Georgian). (Scholar)
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B. Secondary Literature

  • Alexidze, L., 1997, “Griechische Philosophie in den ‘Kommentaren’ des Joane Petrizi zur ‘Elementatio Theologica’ des Proklos”, in Oriens Christianus. Hefte für die Kunde des christlichen Orients 81: 148–168. (Scholar)
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