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Primary Sources

  • References to Leibniz’s texts are to C.I. Gerhardt, ed., Die Philosophische Schriften von Leibniz, 7 vols., Hildesheim: Olms, 1965. (Scholar)
  • Page references to the New Essays cited as “A” are to volume IV Reihe 6 of the still incomplete Academy edition of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz: Sametliche Schriften und Briefe, ed. Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin: Akademie-Verlag, 1923–.
  • References to Ariew and Garber are to G.W. Leibniz: Philosophical Essays, Roger Ariew and Daniel Garber (tr. and ed.), Indianapolis, Hackett, 1989.
  • References to Riley are to Patrick Riley (tr. and ed.), Leibniz: Political Writings, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1988.
  • References to Kant’s texts follow the Academy edition (Gesammelte Schriften, ed., Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin: Reimer, de Gruyter, 1900–) by volume and page. (Scholar)
  • References to the Critique of Pure Reason (KRV) are to the first (A) and second (B) edition. Where the current English translation, tr. and ed. by Paul Guyer and Allen W. Wood, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998, was directly cited, it is noted as CPR.

Secondary Sources

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