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Primary Literature

Citations from Kant’s texts refer to volume and page numbers in the Akademie edition (AK),

except for references to the Critique of Pure Reason, which is cited by page numbers in the original first (A) and second (B) editions. Some of the English language collections are:

A. Pre-critical writings

The following texts are central to Kant’s pre-critical views on religion. They are found in Theoretical Philosophy 1755–1770 (TPpre):

See also:

B. Critical writings

The following texts focus most directly on religion. They are all found in Religion and Rational Theology (RRT):

Other writings from the critical period relevant to Kant’s view of God and religion:

C. Other works

Secondary Literature

A. Kant’s treatment of religion in his pre-Critical philosophy

B. Kant’s treatment of religion in his Critical philosophy

C. The Influence of Kant’s philosophy of religion

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