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Texts on modal logic with philosophers in mind include Hughes and Cresswell (1968, 1984, 1996), Chellas (1980), Fitting and Mendelsohn (1998), Garson (2013), Girle (2009), and Humberstone (2015).

Humberstone (2015) provides a superb guide to the literature on modal logics and their applications to philosophy. The bibliography (of over a thousand entries) provides an invaluable resource for all the major topics, including logics of tense, obligation, belief, knowledge, agency and nomic necessity.

Gabbay and Guenthner (2001) provides useful summary articles on major topics, while Blackburn et. al. (2007) is an invaluable resource from a more advanced perspective.

An excellent bibliography of historical sources can be found in Hughes and Cresswell (1968).

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