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A comprehensive bibliography on relevant logic was put together by Robert Wolff and can be found in Anderson, Belnap and Dunn 1992. The bibliography in Restall 2000 (see Other Internet Resources) is not as comprehensive as Wolff’s, but it does include material up to the present day.

Books on Substructural Logic and Introductions to the Field

  • Anderson, A.R., and Belnap, N.D., 1975, Entailment: The Logic of Relevance and Necessity, Princeton, Princeton University Press, Volume I. (Scholar)
  • Anderson, A.R., Belnap, N.D. Jr., and Dunn, J.M., 1992, Entailment, Volume II, Princeton, Princeton University Press
    [This book and the previous one summarise the work in relevant logic in the Anderson–Belnap tradition. Some chapters in these books have other authors, such as Robert K. Meyer and Alasdair Urquhart.] (Scholar)
  • Dunn, J. M. and Restall, G., 2000, “Relevance Logic” in F. Guenthner and D. Gabbay (eds.), Handbook of Philosophical Logic second edition; Volume 6, Kluwer, pp 1–136.
    [A summary of work in relevant logic in the Anderson–Belnap tradition.] (Scholar)
  • Galatos, N., P. Jipsen, T. Kowalski, and H. Ono, 2007, Residuated Lattices: An Algebraic Glimpse at Substructural Logics (Studies in Logic: Volume 151), Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2007. (Scholar)
  • Mares, Edwin D., 2004, Relevant Logic: a philosophical interpretation Cambridge University Press.
    [An introduction to Relevant Logic, proposing an information theoretic understanding of the ternary relational semantics.] (Scholar)
  • Moortgat, Michael, 1988, Categorial Investigations: Logical Aspects of the Lambek Calculus Foris, Dordrecht.
    [Another introduction to the Lambek calculus.] (Scholar)
  • Morrill, Glyn, 1994, Type Logical Grammar: Categorial Logic of Signs Kluwer, Dordrecht
    [An introduction to the Lambek calculus.] (Scholar)
  • Paoli, Francesco, 2002, Substructural Logics: A Primer Kluwer, Dordrecht
    [A general introduction to substructural logics.] (Scholar)
  • Read, S., 1988, Relevant Logic, Oxford: Blackwell.
    [An introduction to Relevant Logic motivated by considerations in the theory of meaning. Develops a Lemmon-style proof theory for the Relevant Logic \(\mathbf{R}\).] (Scholar)
  • Restall, Greg, 2000, An Introduction to Substructural Logics, Routledge. (online précis)
    [A general introduction to the field of substructural logics.] (Scholar)
  • Routley, R., Meyer, R.K., Plumwood, V., and Brady, R., 1983, Relevant Logics and their Rivals, Volume I, Atascardero, CA: Ridgeview.
    [Another distinctive account of relevant logic, this time from an Australian philosophical perspective.] (Scholar)
  • Schroeder-Heister, Peter, and Došen, Kosta, (eds), 1993, Substructural Logics, Oxford University Press.
    [An edited collection of essays on different topics in Substructural Logics, from different traditions in the field.] (Scholar)
  • Troestra, Anne, 1992, Lectures on Linear Logic, CSLI Publications
    [A quick, easy-to-read introduction to Girard’s linear logic.] (Scholar)

Other Works Cited

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