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Cited Works

Some Other Useful Works

A few helpful overviews of the history and basic subject matter of logic:

  • Kneale, W. & Kneale, M., 1962, The Development of Logic, Oxford: Oxford University Press; reprinted 1984. (Scholar)
  • Sainsbury, M., 1991, Logical Forms, Oxford: Blackwell. (Scholar)
  • Broadie, A., 1987, Introduction to Medieval Logic, Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Scholar)
  • For these purposes, Russell’s most important books are: Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy, London: George Allen and Unwin, 1919; Our Knowledge of the External World, New York: Norton, 1929; and The Philosophy of Logical Atomism, La Salle, Ill: Open Court, 1985. Stephen Neale’s book Descriptions (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1990) is a recent development of Russell’s theory. (Scholar)

For introductions to Transformational Grammar and Chomsky’s conception of natural language:

  • Radford, A., 1988, Transformational Grammar, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Scholar)
  • Haegeman, L., 1994, Introduction to Government & Binding Theory, Oxford: Blackwell. (Scholar)
  • Lasnik, H. (with M. Depiante and A. Stepanov), 2000, Syntactic Structures Revisited, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. (Scholar)

For discussions of work in linguistics bearing directly on issues of logical form:

  • Higginbotham, J., 1985, “On Semantics”, Linguistic Inquiry, 16: 547–93. (Scholar)
  • Hornstein, N., 1995, Logical Form: From GB to Minimalism, Oxford: Blackwell. (Scholar)
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  • May, R., 1985, Logical Form: Its Structure and Derivation, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. (Scholar)
  • Neale, S., 1993, Grammatical Form, Logical Form, and Incomplete Symbols, in A. Irvine & G. Wedeking (eds.), Russell and Analytic Philosophy, Toronto: University of Toronto, pp. 97–139. (Scholar)

For discussions of the Davidsonian program (briefly described in section nine) and appeal to events:

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