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References to Feuerbach’s published writings are to the critical edition of his collected works or Gesammelte Werke (hereafter GW) edited by Werner Schuffenhauer, Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 1981–. Feuerbach’s writings are cited in the text using the following system of abbreviation. Page numbers refer to the relevant volume of GW as indicated below. In cases where two page numbers are separated by a slash, the second refers to the relevant translation as indicated below. Although I have made use of these translations, in many cases I have preferred to provide my own.

Feuerbach Works

  • [AP ] “Einige Bemerkungen über den Anfang der Philosophie von D.J.F. Reiff” (1841) = GW, v. 9, 143–153 = “On ‘The Beginning of Philosophy,’” in FB 135–144. (Scholar)
  • [B ] “Zur Beurteilung der Schrift Das Wesen des Christentums” (1842) = GW v. 9, 229–242. No translation available. (Scholar)
  • [EEWR] Ergänzungen und Erläuterungen zum “Wesen der Religion” (1846) = GW v. 10, 80–121. (Scholar)
  • [FB] The Fiery Brook: Selected Writings of Ludwig Feuerbach, trans. with an introduction by Z. Hanfi, Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, 1972.
  • [GPZ] Grundsätze der Philosophie der Zukunft = GW v. 9, 264–341 = Principles of the Philosophy of the Future, trans. M. Vogel with an intro by T.E. Wartenberg, Indianapolis: Hackett, 1986.
  • [GTU] Gedanken über Tod und Unsterblichkeit aus den Papieren eines Denkers (1830), GW v. 1, 175–515 = Thoughts on Death and Immortality from the Papers of a Thinker, trans. with intro and notes by J.A. Massey, Berkeley: University of California Press, 1980.
  • [GW] Feuerbach, L. (1981–), Gesammelte Werke, W. Schuffenhauer (ed.), Berlin: Akademie Verlag. (Scholar)
  • [KPP] Zur Kritik der “positiven Philosophie” (1839) = GW, v. 8, 181–207. No translation available. (Scholar)
  • [M] “Zur Moralphilosophie” (1868), W. Schuffenhauer (ed.), in Braun, 1994: 353–430. No translation available. (Scholar)
  • [NV] “Grundsätze der Philosophie: Notwendigkeit einer Veränderung” (date uncertain), in Feuerbach, 1996: 119–135 = “The Necessity of a Reform of Philosophy”, in FB, 145–152. This unpublished manuscript is not included in any of the volumes of GW that have appeared to date. (Scholar)
  • [SM] “Über Spiritualismus und Materialismus, besonders in Beziehung auf die Willensfreiheit” (1866) = GW v. 11, 53–186. No translation available. (Scholar)
  • [VGP] Vorlesungen über die Geschichte der neueren Philosophie, E. Thies (ed.), Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1974. This volume contains notes for lectures on the history of modern philosophy delivered by Feuerbach in Erlangen during the 1835/36 academic year. (Scholar)
  • [VWR] Vorlesungen über das Wesen der Religion = GW v. 6 = Lectures on the Essence of Religion, trans. R. Manheim, New York: Harper & Row, 1967.
  • [VT] “Vorläufige Thesen zur Reformation der Philosophie” (1842) = GW v. 9, 243–263. (Scholar)
  • [WC] Das Wesen des Christentums (1841) = GW, v. 5 = The Essence of Christianity, trans. G. Eliot with an intro by K. Barth and a foreword by H.R. Niebuhr, New York: Harper Torchbooks, 1957.
  • [WGL] Das Wesen des Glaubens im Sinne Luthers = GW, v. 9, 353–412 = The Essence of Faith According to Luther, trans. and with an introduction by M. Cherno, New York: Harper & Row, 1967.
  • [WR] Das Wesen der Religion (1846) = GW v. 10, 3–19.
  • [T] Theogonie nach den Quellen des klassischen, hebräischen und christlichen Altertums (1857) = GW v. 7.

Other References

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