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General Remarks

Titles have been given in their original language, followed in the case of pieces originally in Polish by the title of any published English translation where one exists, or by our English translation where none does. The bibliography of Łukasiewicz’s published writings is not complete, since a large number of his published pieces consist of one- or two-page summaries or abstracts of talks given at various venues, as was the Polish practice of the time. Of this kind, only those which are important for Łukasiewicz’s development or the exposition of his views have been included. Translations into languages other than English have not been included, with one exception, the 1910 monograph on Aristotle.

A comprehensive bibliography in Polish, compiled by the editor Jacek Juliusz Jadacki, is published in the collection Logika i Metafizyka (1998), which reprints most of Łukasiewicz’s essays, along with a number of incidentally interesting speeches, reviews and excerpts from correspondence, a biographical chronology, and a large number of photographs.


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  • (PWN) Państwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe
  • (RF) Ruch Filozoficzny
  • (SW) Selected Works, ed. L. Borkowski.
  • (Z) Z zagadnień logiki i filozofii. Pisma wybrane, ed. J. Słupecki.

Primary Sources: Works by Łukasiewicz


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  • Pamiętnik. [Diary], ed. J. J. Jadacki and P. Surma. Warsaw: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Semper, 2013. [Contains diary entries by Łukasiewicz and a number of incidental pieces of biographical note by him and others.]


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  • O nauce i filozofii [On science and philosophy], PF 28 (1915), 190–196.
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  • Der Äquivalenzkalkül, Collectanea logica 1 (1939), 145–69. Did not appear then. One offprint survived in Münster, and served for the translation: The Equivalential Calculus, in PL, 88–115, and in SW, 250–77.
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Selected Secondary Literature

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