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Original editions of Maimon’s main Works

  • Versuch über die Transcendentalphilosophie [VT], Berlin: Christian Friedrich Voss und Sohn, 1790.
  • Gibeath Hamore (The Hill of the Guide), Berlin: 1791.
  • Philosophisches Wörterbuch, oder Beleuchtung der wichtigsten Gegenstände der Philosophie, in alphabetischer Ordnung [PW], Berlin: Johann Friedrich Unger, 1791.
  • Salomon Maimon‘s Lebensgeschichte. Von ihm selbst geschrieben und herausgegeben von K. P. Moritz [LB], Berlin: Friedrich Vieweg, 1792–3. (Scholar)
  • Ankündigung und Aufforderung zu einer allgemeinen Revision der Wissenschaften: Einer königl. Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin vorgelegt von Salomon Maimon, Berlin: Johann Georg Langhoff, 1792.
  • Bacons von Verulam neues Organon, edited with notes by Maimon, 2 volumes, Berlin: Gottfried Carl Nauck, 1793.
  • Über die Progressen der Philosophie (veranlat durch die Preisfrage der königl. Akademie zu Berlin für das Jahr 1792: Was hat die Metaphisik seit Leibniz und Wolf für Progressen gemacht?), Berlin: Wilhelm Vieweg, 1793. (Scholar)
  • Salomon Maimon‘s Streifereien im Gebiete der Philosophie, Berlin: Wilhelm Vieweg, 1793. (Scholar)
  • Die Kathegorien des Aristoteles. Mit Anmerkungen erläutert und als Propädeutik zu einer neuen Theorie des Denkens dargestellt von Salomon Maimon. (“Aristotle’s Categories, with notes and as a propadeutic to a new theory of thinking”), Berlin: Ernst Felisch, 1794. (Scholar)
  • Anfangsgründe der Newtonischen Philosophie von Dr. Pemberton. (translated from the English with introduction and notes by Maimon), First Part, Berlin: Friedrich Maurer, 1793.
  • Versuch einer neuen Logik oder Theorie des Denkens. Nebst angehängten Briefen des Philaletes an Änesidemus [VnL], Berlin: Ernst Felisch, 1794.
  • Kritische Untersuchungen über den menschlichen Geist oder das höhere Erkenntniss und Willensvermögen [KU], Leipzig: Gerhard Fleischer, 1797.

Modern editions and translations of Maimon’s Works

  • Maimon, Salomon. Historisch-kritische Gesamtausgabe, Chief editor: Ives Radrizzani, 10 volumes, Frommann-Holzboog, in preparation. [A critical edition of Maimon’s works (7 volumes of German writings, and 3 volumes of the Hebrew writings)]
  • –––. Gesammelte Werke [GW], edited by Valerio Verra, 7 volumes, Hildsheim: Olms, 1965–1976.
  • –––. Salomon Maimons Lebensgeschichte, edited by Zwi Batscha, Frankfurt a. M: Insel Verlag, 1984.
  • –––. Versuch über die Transzendentalphilosophie, edited by Florian Ehrensperger, Hamburg: Felix Meiner Verlag Verlag, 2004. [An excellent new edition of one of Maimon’s major works.]
  • –––. Essay on Transcendental Philosophy, translated and edited by Alistair Welchman, Henry Somers-Hall, Merten Reglitz, and Nick Midgley, London: Continuum, 2010. [An outstanding complete translation of one of Maimon’s major works.]
  • –––. Apiqoros: The Last Essays of Salomon Maimon, translated and edited by Timothy Sean Quinn, Cincinnati: Hebrew Union College Press, 2021.
  • –––. Giva’at ha-Moreh, edited by S.H. Bergmann and N. Rotherstreich, Jerusalem: Israeli Academy of Science, 1965; reprinted 2000. [Maimon’s Hebrew commentary on the first part of Maimonides’ Guide of the Perplexed.] (Scholar)
  • –––. Letters of Philaletes to Aenesidemus, trans. by George di Giovanni in di Giovanni and H.S. Harris (eds.), in Between Kant and Hegel: Texts in the Development of Post-Kantian Idealism, Indianapolis: Hackett, 2001. [The only available English translation of any of Maimon’s philosophical works.]
  • –––. The Autobiography of Solomon Maimon, translated by J. Clark Murray, Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2001. [An incomplete translation of Maimon’s Lebensgeschichte.]
  • –––. Solomon Maimon’s Autobiography, translated by Paul Reitter. Edited and introduced by Yitzhak Y. Melamed and Abraham P. Socher (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2019 [The first complete English translation of Maimon’s autobiography]). (Scholar)
  • –––. Commentaires de Maïmonide, edited and translated into French by Maurice-Ruben Hayoun, Paris: Cerf, 1999. [A French translation of two major texts of Maimon dealing with Maimonides’ Guide of the Perplexed: Maimon’s Hebrew commentary on the first part of the Guide, Giva’at ha-Moreh, and chapters 1–10 of the second part of Maimon’s Lebensgeschichte.]

Unpublished Manuscripts

  • Hesheq Shelomo (Solomon’s Desire), Posen 1778. Currently held by the National and University Library, Jerusalem (MS 806426). [This 300 pages long manuscript is comprised of five — rather independent — works. The first text — Ma’ase Nissim — is a commentary on the homiletic book of the medieval talmudist, Nissim of Gerondi. The second text — Eved Avraham — is a super-commentary on Avraham Ibn Ezra’s commentary on the Pentateuch and Psalms. The third text — Ma’ase Livnat ha-Sapir — is an attempt to harmonize some main Kabbalistic doctrines with the teachings of Maimonides. The fourth section — Ma’ase Hoshev — is a 108-page algebra textbook. The fifth and last section — Avarchecha Bahya — is a short exposition of the biblical commentary by Bahya ben Asher ibn Halawa (~1255–134) of Saragossa.] (Scholar)
  • Ta’alumoth Hochma (Mysteries of Wisdom), Breslau 1786. Currently held by the Bodleian Library, Oxford (MS Mich.186) [A Hebrew treatise on Newtonian physics.] (Scholar)

Missing Manuscripts

Throughout his wanderings Maimon kept manuscripts of several works which he never published. After his death, Maimon’s patron, Graf Adolf Kalkreuth, gave the manuscripts to Benjamin Fraenkel from the nearby Jewish community in Glogau. During the 19th century Maimon’s manuscripts and letters were dispersed and held by several prominent Jewish scholars and bibliophiles such as Abraham Geiger, Leopold Zunz and Heimann Michael. The collection of the latter — which included Maimon’s Ta’alumoth Hochma — was purchased by the Bodleian library in 1848. Several other manuscripts found different ways to the collection of the Berlin Hochschule für die Wissenschaft des Judentums where they were held till World War II. Before and during the war the Hochschule’s collection was smuggled out of Germany. The most important Maimonian MS held by the Hochschule arrived, in the 1980s, at the National and University Library in Jerusalem. Other manuscripts of Maimon, held before the war by various individuals and institutions, are still missing. The authors of this entry participate in the search after these missing manuscripts (and letters), the most important of which are:

  • The Early Commentary on Maimonides’ Guide. [A text which Maimon wrote before his first arrival in Berlin]. (Scholar)
  • Maimon’s Hebrew translation of Mendelssohn’s Morgenstunden. (Scholar)
  • Parts two and three of Giva’ath ha-Moreh. [In his Autobiography Maimon writes that these parts were ready to print and were supposed to be published soon thereafter. Apparently, the publishers were not interested in the work due to its lack of popular appeal]. (Scholar)
  • A fragmentary commentary on Aristotle’s Ethics. (Scholar)
  • Die Mysterien der Philosophie (“The Mysteries of Philosophy”). [Apparently, a complete book, ready for print.] (Scholar)
  • Über Logik (“On Logic”). [Mainly remarks on Kiesewetter’s book on logic]. (Scholar)

Selected Secondary Literature

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