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Marcel was a very prolific writer, whose work ranges over philosophy, drama, criticism, and musical compositions. The following bibliography merely scratches the surface of his extensive oeuvre. More complete bibliographies can be found in: (1) Francois H. and Claire Lapointe (eds.), Gabriel Marcel and His Critics: An International Bibliography (1928–1976), New York and London: Garland Publishing, 1977; (2) Paul Arthur Schilpp and Lewis Edwin Hahn (eds.), The Philosophy of Gabriel Marcel (Library of Living Philosophers Volume 17), La Salle, IL: Open Court, 1984; and (3) K.R. Hanley (ed.), Gabriel Marcel’s Perspectives on the Broken World, Milwaukee, WI: Marquette University Press, 1998. The websites of the Gabriel Marcel Society, and of the new journal, Marcel Studies, are also valuable resources (see the Other Internet Resources section below).

Primary Literature: Works by Marcel

  • 1949, Being and Having, translated by Katharine Farrer, Westminster, UK: Dacre Press.
  • 1950, “Theism and Personal Relationships,” Cross Currents, 1(1): 38-45. (Scholar)
  • 1951a, The Mystery of Being, vol.1, Reflection and Mystery, translated by G. S. Fraser, London: The Harvill Press.
  • 1951b, The Mystery of Being, vol.2, Faith and Reality, translated by René Hague, London: The Harvill Press.
  • 1952, Metaphysical Journal, translated by Bernard Wall, London: Rockliff.
  • 1960 (ed.), Fresh Hope for the World: Moral Re-Armament in Action, translated by Helen Hardringe, London: Longman, Green.
  • 1962a, Homo Viator: Introduction to a Metaphysic of Hope, translated by Emma Crawford, New York: Harper Torchbooks.
  • 1962b, Man Against Mass Society, translated by G. S. Fraser, Chicago: Henry Regnery Company.
  • 1963, The Existential Background of Human Dignity, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.
  • 1964, Creative Fidelity, translated, with an introduction, by Robert Rosthal, New York: Farrar, Strauss and Company.
  • 1965, Philosophical Fragments 1909–1914 and the Philosopher and Peace, with an introduction by Lionel A. Blain, Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press. (Scholar)
  • 1965, Three Plays, New York. Hill and Wang.
  • 1967, Presence and Immortality, translated by Michael A. Machado, Pittsburgh: Duquesne University Press.
  • 1967, Problematic Man, New York: Herder and Herder.
  • 1967, Searchings, New York: Paulist Newman Press.
  • 1973, Tragic Wisdom and Beyond, translated by Stephen Jolin and Peter McCormick, edited by John Wild, Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press (Northwestern University Studies in Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy).
  • 1984, “An Autobiographical Essay,” in P. Schilpp and L. Hahn (eds.), The Philosophy of Gabriel Marcel, translated by Forrest Williams, La Salle, IL: Open Court. 3-68. (Scholar)
  • 1995, The Philosophy of Existentialism, translated by Manya Harari, New York: Citadel.
  • 2002, Awakenings (Autobiography), translated by Peter S. Rogers, with an Introduction by Patrick Bourgeois, Milwaukee, WI: Marquette University Press.
  • 2007, A Path to Peace: Dramatic Explorations (Five Plays), translated by K.R. Hanley, Milwaukee, WI. Marquette University Press
  • 2009, Thou Shall Not Die, selected by Anne Marcel, translated by K.R. Hanley, South Bend, IN: Saint Augustine’s Press. (Scholar)

Secondary Literature

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