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Works by Stirner

  • Der Einzige und sein Eigentum, Stuttgart: Philipp Reclam, 1972. (A modern edition of Stirner's best-known work.)
  • Max Stirner's Kleinere Schriften und seine Entgegnungen auf die Kritik seines Werkes “Der Einzige und sein Eigentum”. Aus den Jahren 1842–1848, edited by J.H. Mackay, second revised edition, Berlin: Bernhard Zack, 1914. (An extensive collection of Stirner's lesser writings.) (Scholar)
  • Parerga Kritiken Repliken, edited by Bernd A. Laska, Nürnberg: LSR, 1986. (A modern selection of Stirner's lesser writings.)

Works by Stirner in Translation

  • The False Principle of Our Education, edited by James J. Martin, Colorado Springs: Ralph Myles, 1967. (An early article on pedagogy.)
  • “Stirner's Critics”, The Philosophical Forum, 8 (1978): 66–80. (A partial translation of Stirner's 1845 response to critics, covering his reply to Feuerbach.) (Scholar)
  • “Art and Religion”, Lawrence S. Stepelevich (edited), The Young Hegelians. An Anthology, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1983, pp. 327–334. (An article on an eminently Hegelian topic from 1842.) (Scholar)
  • “The Philosophical Reactionaries: ‘The Modern Sophists’ by Kuno Fisher”, translated and introduced by Widukind De Ridder, Saul Newman (ed.), Max Stirner, chapter 4. (A late text which is cautiously, and not uncontroversially, attributed to Stirner. It was published under the name ‘G. Edward’.) (Scholar)
  • The Ego and Its Own, edited by David Leopold, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1995. (A thoroughly-annotated English edition of Stirner's best-known work.)

Secondary Literature

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