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Primary Literature

N.B. It is no easy task to find a comprehensive list of Eckhart’s (confirmed) Latin and German works, and there is to date no complete English translation of the Latin works. Additionally, various editors and translators over the years have numbered the German sermons differently, often leading to confusion with regard to the ordering and cross-referencing of the sermons.

For a complete list of Eckhart’s works with helpful cross-references across editions, see the extremely detailed (if somewhat outdated) webpage at the Meister Eckhart website (in German). See also Hackett (2013) for English-language overviews of Eckhart’s Latin Works (by Alessandra Beccarisi, pp. 85–123) and German Works (by Dagmar Gottschall, pp. 137–183), as well as a full list of the contents of LW I–VI and DW I–V (p.725).

Listed below is the information for the critical editions (LW and DW). Since these volumes are extremely expensive and few have been digitized, I have also listed the more recent, accessible, and affordable Latin-German study edition, as well as the re-release of DW and parts of LW from the Deutscher Klassiker Verlag, which includes extremely helpful commentaries (in German) by Niklaus Largier. This is followed by a list of Eckhart’s major works with their common abbreviations (in alphabetical order) and a list of the most commonly cited English translations.

Critical Editions

Latin Works

[In Eccli]
Sermones et Lectiones super Ecclesiastici ch. 24:23–31 [Sermons and Lectures on Ecclesiasticus Ch. 24: 23–31], LW II:231–300
[In Exod.]
Expositio Libri Exodi [Commentary on the Book of Exodus], LW II:1–227
[In Gen. I]
Expositio Libri Genesis [Commentary on the Book of Genesis], LW I:185–444; LW I/2:61–329
[In Gen. II]
Liber Parabolarum Genesis [Book of the Parables of Genesis], LW I:445–702; LW I/2:331–452
[In Ioh.]
Expositio sancti Evangelii secundum Iohannem [Commentary on the Gospel of John], LW III
[In Sap.]
Expositio Libri Sapientiae [Commentary on the Book of Wisdom], LW II:303–644
[Prol. gen.]
Prologus generalis in Opus tripartitum [General Prologue to the Tripartite Work], LW I:148–165; LW I/2:21– ­­39
[Prol. op. prop.]
Prologus in Opus propositionum [Prologue to the Work of Propositions], LW I:166–182; LW I/2:41–57
[Qu. Par.]
Quaestiones Parisienses [Parisian Questions], LW I:37–83 (Questions 1–5); LW I/2:461–469 (recently discovered Questions 6–9)
Magistri Echardi Responsio ad articulos sibi impositos de scriptis et dictis suis [Eckhart’s Defense against the Articles], LW V:275–354
Sermones [Latin Sermons], LW IV

German Works

Daz buoch der goetlichen troestunge [Book of Divine Consolation], DW V:1–105
Die rede der underscheidunge [Talks of Instruction], DW V:137–376
Von abegescheidenheit [On Detachment], DW V:400–437
Von dem edeln menschen [On the Noble Person], DW V:106–136
Predigten [German Sermons] (DW I, II, III, IV/1, IV/2)

Meister Eckhart in English Translation

Below are the most commonly cited Eckhart translations with their abbreviations. In recent years, new English translations of some of Eckhart’s German homilies have been published alongside their vernacular texts by Loris Sturlese and Markus Vinzent in the Peeters series, Eckhart Texts and Studies, and a further edition of the Latin homilies also appears to be in planning.

Meister Eckhart: The Essential Sermons, Commentaries, Treatises, and Defense, translated with introductions by Edmund Colledge and Bernard McGinn, New York: Paulist Press, 1981.
The Complete Mystical Works of Meister Eckhart, translated and edited by Maurice O’C. Walshe, revised by Bernard McGinn, New York: Crossroad Publishing, 2009.
Parisian Questions and Prologues, edited and translated by Armand Maurer, Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, 1974.
Meister Eckhart: Selected Writings, selected and translated by Oliver Davies, London: Penguin Books, 1994.
Meister Eckhart: Teacher and Preacher, edited by Bernard McGinn with the collaboration of Frank Tobin and Elvira Borgstadt, New York: Paulist Press, 1986.

Secondary Literature

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