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Primary Sources

  • “Mr. McTaggart’s Ethics,” International Journal of Ethics, 13 (1903): 341–70; reprinted in The Early Essays, pp. 201–32 (Scholar)
  • Principia Ethica, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1903; revised edition with “Preface to the second edition” and other papers, T. Baldwin (ed.), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993 (page references are first to the original and then to the revised edition). (Scholar)
  • Review of Franz Brentano, The Origin of the Knowledge of Right and Wrong, International Journal of Ethics, 14 (1903): 115–23.
  • Review of Hastings Rashdall, The Theory of Good and Evil, Hibbert Journal, 6 (1907–8): 446–51.
  • Ethics, London: Williams and Norgate, 1912; London: Oxford University Press, 1947 (hardcover); London: Oxford University Press, 1965 (paperback) (page references are first to the original edition, then to the OUP hardcover, then to the OUP paperback). (Scholar)
  • “The Conception of Intrinsic Value” and “The Nature of Moral Philosophy,” in G.E. Moore, Philosophical Studies, London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1922, pp. 253–75 and 310–39; “The Conception of Intrinsic Value” reprinted in Revised edition of Principia Ethica, pp. 280–98
  • “Is Goodness a Quality?”, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Supplementary Volume, 11 (1932): 116–31. (Scholar)
  • “An Autobiography” and “A Reply to My Critics,” in P.A. Schilpp (ed.), The Philosophy of G.E. Moore, Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, 1942, pp. 3–39 and 535–687.
  • The Early Essays, Tom Regan (ed.), Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1986.
  • The Elements of Ethics, T. Regan (ed.), Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1991.

Secondary Sources

Special Issues

  • Ethics, 113/3 (2003): special volume for the centenary of Principia Ethica. (Scholar)
  • Journal of Value Inquiry, 37/3 (2003): special volume for the centenary of Principia Ethica. (Scholar)
  • Southern Journal of Philosophy, 41 (2003) Supplement: special volume for the centenary of Principia Ethica. (Scholar)

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