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Essential readings of late-antique Neoplatonic Works

  • Plotinus, Enneads
  • ––– I 1 (What is the Living Being and what is Man?)
  • ––– I 2 (On Virtues)
  • ––– I 4 (On Well-Being)
  • ––– I 6 (On Beauty)
  • ––– I 8 (What is Evil and Where Does it Come From?)
  • ––– II 4 (On Matter)
  • ––– III 8 (On Nature and Contemplation)
  • ––– IV 8 (On the Descent of the Soul in Bodies)
  • ––– V 1 (On the Three Primary Hypostases)
  • ––– V 9 (On Intellect, The Forms, and Being)
  • ––– VI 8 (On Free Will and the Will of the One)
  • Porphyry, Life of Plotinus
  • –––, Isagoge
  • –––, On Abstinence
  • Iamblichus, On the Egyptian Mysteries
  • Proclus, Elements of Theology
  • Marinus, Life of Proclus
  • Damascius, Life of Isidore
  • Simplicius, Commentary on Epictetus’ Handbook (Scholar)
  • John Philoponus, On the Eternity of the World against Proclus

For further and more detailed information on the development of Neoplatonism in the history of Western philosophy, or on specific Neoplatonic doctrines, refer to the Related Entries section below.

Selected Introductory Secondary Literature

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