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Novalis in German

  • [HKA] Novalis Schriften. Die Werke Friedrich von Hardenbergs (Historische-kritische Ausgabe), second edition, 6 volumes (vol. 6 in 3 parts), Paul Kluckhohn, Richard Samuel, Gerhard Schulz, and Hans-Joachim Mähl (eds.), Stuttgart: Kohlhammer Verlag, 1960–2006.

Novalis in English

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    • [MO] Miscellaneous Observations
    • [LFI] Logological Fragments I
    • [LFII] Logological Fragments II
    • Teplitz Fragments
  • Beiser, Frederick C. (ed. and trans.), The Early Political Writings of the German Romantics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996. doi:10.1017/CBO9781139170604

Studies of Novalis’s Theoretical Work in German

  • Dilthey, Wilhelm, 1865 [1906], “Novalis”, Preußische Jahrbücher, 15: 596–650. Better known from Das Erlebnis und die Dichtung: Lessing, Goethe, Novalis, Hölderlin, Leipzig: B. G. Teubner, 1906. (Scholar)
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Studies of Novalis’s Theoretical Work in English

  • Kleingeld, Pauline, 2008, “Romantic Cosmopolitanism: Novalis’s ‘Christianity or Europe’”, Journal of the History of Philosophy, 46(2): 269–284. doi: 10.1353/hph.0.0005 (Scholar)
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Studies of Romantic Philosophy in German

Studies of Romantic Philosophy in English

Other Bibliographic Items

  • Ayrault, Roger, 1961–1976, La genèse du romantisme allemand, 4 volumes, Paris: Aubier. (Scholar)

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