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Primary Literature

In Latin

  • William of Ockham, 1967–88. Opera philosophica et theologica, Gedeon Gál, et al. (eds.), 17 volumes, St. Bonaventure, N. Y.: The Franciscan Institute. (Scholar)
  • –––, 1956–97. Opera politica, H. S. Offler, et al. (eds.), 4 volumes; Volumes 1–3, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1956–74; Volume 4, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1997. (Contains all the political writings except the Dialogus.) (Scholar)
  • –––, 2011. Dialogus, Part 2 and Part 3, Tract 1, John Kilcullen, et al. (eds.), Oxford: Oxford University Press for the British Academy. See Other Internet Resources below. (Scholar)

In English Translation

A fair number of Ockham’s writings are available in English, in whole or in part. For a list of translations to 1999, see Spade [1999], pp. 5–11. The following major items deserve particular mention:

  • Adams, Marilyn McCord, and Kretzmann, Norman (trans.), 1983. William of Ockham: Predestination, God’s Foreknowledge, and Future Contingents, 2nd edition, Indianapolis: Hackett. (Includes Ockham’s Treatise on Predestination and God’s Foreknowledge with Respect to Future Contingents, with introduction and commentary, and translations of related passages from other works of Ockham.) (Scholar)
  • Jan Ballweg, John Kilcullen, Volker Leppin, and John Scott (eds. and trans.), 2011, Dialogus (Part 2; Part 3, Tract 1), Oxford: Oxford University Press. (See Other Internet Resources below.) (Scholar)
  • Birch, T. Bruce (ed. & trans.), 1930. The De sacramento altaris of William of Ockham, Burlington, Iowa: Lutheran Literary Board. Translation of Ockham’s Treatise on Quantity and On the Body of Christ. (Despite Birch’s title, these two are not parts of a larger single work De sacramento altaris.) (Scholar)
  • Boehner, Philotheus (ed. & trans.), 1990. William of Ockham: Philosophical Writings, revised edition, Indianapolis, Ind.: Hackett; original edition, London: Thomas Nelson, 1957. (Selections from several texts.) (Scholar)
  • Bosley, Richard N., and Tweedale, Martin (trans.), 1997. Basic Issues in Medieval Philosophy: Selected Readings Presenting the Interactive Discourse among the Major Figures, Peterborough: Broadview. (Includes a translation of On the Eternity of the World and selections from other works of Ockham.) (Scholar)
  • Davies, Julian (trans.), 1989. Ockham on Aristotle’s Physics: A Translation of Ockham’s Brevis Summa Libri Physicorum, St. Bonaventure, N. Y.: The Franciscan Institute. (Complete translation of the Brief Summa of the Physics.) (Scholar)
  • Freddoso, Alfred J., and Kelly, Francis E. (trans.), 1991. Quodlibetal Questions, New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press. (Scholar)
  • Freddoso, Alfred J., and Schuurman, Henry (trans.), 1980. Ockham’s Theory of Propositions: Part II of the Summa logicae, Notre Dame, Ind.: University of Notre Dame Press. (Scholar)
  • Kilcullen, John, and Scott, John (trans.), 2001. A Translation of William of Ockham’s Work of Ninety Days, Lewiston, NY: E. Mellen Press. (Scholar)
  • Kluge, Eike-Henner W. (trans.), 1973-74. “William of Ockham’s Commentary on Porphyry: Introduction and English Translation.” Franciscan Studies, 33: 171–254, and 34: 306–82. (Scholar)
  • Longaway, John Lee (trans.), 2007. Demonstration and Scientific Knowledge in William of Ockham: a Translation of Summa logicae III–II, De syllogismo demonstrativo, and Selections from the Prologue to the Ordinatio, Notre Dame, Ind.: University of Notre Dame Press. (Scholar)
  • Loux, Michael J. (trans.), 1974. Ockham’s Theory of Terms: Part I of the Summa Logicae, Notre Dame, Ind.: University of Notre Dame Press. (Complete Translation.) (Scholar)
  • McGrade, A. S., and Kilcullen, John (eds. & trans.), 1992. A Short Discourse on the Tyrannical Government Over Things Divine and Human, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Translation of Ockham’s Short Discourse.) (Scholar)
  • ––– (eds. & trans.), 1995. A Letter to the Friars Minor and Other Writings, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Translation of several of Ockham’s political writings, including the Letter to the Friars Minor, Eight Questions on the Power of the Pope and The Work of Ninety Days.) (Scholar)
  • Spade, Paul Vincent (trans.), 1994. Five Texts on the Mediaeval Problem of Universals: Porphyry, Boethius, Abelard, Duns Scotus, Ockham, Indianapolis, Ind.: Hackett. (Includes a complete translation of Ockham’s discussion of universals from Sent, I.2.4–8.) (Scholar)
  • Wood, Rega (trans.), 1997. Ockham on the Virtues, West Lafayette, Ind.: Purdue University Press. (Contains a translation of Ockham’s On the Connection of the Virtues, with the original Latin text, introduction and commentary.) (Scholar)

Secondary Literature

The following list includes all works cited in this article, plus several other noteworthy items:

  • Adams, Marilyn McCord, 1986. “The Structure of Ockham’s Moral Theory,” Franciscan Studies, 29: 1–35. (Scholar)
  • –––, 1987. William Ockham, 2 volumes, Notre Dame, Ind.: University of Notre Dame Press; 2nd revised edition, 1989. (Scholar)
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Other Bibliographies

Ample bibliographies of the secondary literature up to 1990 may be found in:

  • Beckmann, Jan P., 1992. Ockham—Bibliographie: 1900–1990, Hamburg: Felix Meiner. (Scholar)
  • Heynick, Valens, 1950. “Ockham-Literatur: 1919-1949.” Franziskanische Studien, 32: 164–83. (Scholar)
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