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Archival Resources

  • American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, Richard Gimbel Collection of Thomas Paine manuscripts
  • Indiana University, Bloomington, Lilly Library, Paine collection
  • Historical Society of Philadelphia, Paine Letters
  • Norwich Central Library, Thomas Paine collection at Thetford: an analytical catalogue
  • Thomas Paine National Historical Association, New York
  • Thomas Paine Society, Nottingham
  • Bodleian Library, Petty MSS, letters to Lord Lansdowne

Paine’s Works

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  • Hazel Burgess (ed.), 2010, Thomas Paine: A Collection of Unknown Writings, Basingstoke, Hants: Palgrave MacMillan. [Many of the items in this collection are disputed. See (Philp 2011, p. 185); and Clark, 2018, Appendix] (Scholar)

Bibliographic works

  • R. Gimbel, 1956, Thomas Paine: A Bibliographical Checklist of ‘Common Sense’, New Haven: Yale University Press. (Scholar)

Contemporary Writing

  • F. Oldys [pseud for G. Chalmers], 1791/3, The Life of Thomas Paine London: Stockdale. [Is “G. Chalmers” an editor?] (Scholar)
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Modern Biography and Commentary

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