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Primary Sources

When abbreviations are used to cite Foot’s works in the text, the abbreviation begins the bibliographic item below.

Foot’s principal essays are collected in the following two volumes.

  • [MD] Moral Dilemmas and Other Topics in Moral Philosophy, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002. doi:10.1093/019925284X.001.0001. Includes:
    • 1970, “Morality and Art”, Proceedings of the British Academy, 56: 131–144; reprinted MD, 5–19.
    • 1983, “Moral Realism and Moral Dilemma”, The Journal of Philosophy, 80(7): 379–398; reprinted MD, 37–58. (Scholar)
    • 1984, “Killing and Letting Die”, in Jay L. Garfield and Patricia Hennessey (eds.), Abortion: Moral and Legal Perspectives, Amherst: University of Amherst Press; reprinted MD, 78–87. (Scholar)
    • 1985, “Morality, Action, and Outcome”, in Ted Honderich (ed.), Morality and Objectivity: A Tribute to J.L. Mackie, London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, pp. 23–38; reprinted MD, 88–104. (Scholar)
    • 1989, “Von Wright on Virtue”, The Philosophy of Georg Henrik von Wright, P.A. Schilpp (ed.), Open Court Publishing Company; reprinted MD, 105–116. (Scholar)
  • [VV] Virtues and Vices and Other Essays in Moral Philosophy, second edition, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002 (first edition 1978). doi:10.1093/0199252866.001.0001. Includes:
    • 1958, “Moral Arguments”, Mind, 67(268): 502–513; reprinted VV, 96–109. doi:10.1093/mind/LXVII.268.502
    • 1959, “Moral Beliefs”, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, 59(1): 83–104; reprinted VV, 110–131. doi:10.1093/aristotelian/59.1.83 (Scholar)
    • 1961, “Goodness and Choice”, Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volumes, 35(1): 45–80, part I of a two part article with Alan Montefiore; reprinted VV, 132–147. doi:10.1093/aristoteliansupp/35.1.45 (Scholar)
    • 1967, “The Problem of Abortion and the Doctrine of Double Effect”, Oxford Review, 5: 5–15; reprinted VV, 19–32. (Scholar)
    • [MSHI] 1972, “Morality as a System of Hypothetical Imperatives”, The Philosophical Review, 81(3): 305–316; reprinted VV, 157–173 with a long footnote added. doi:10.2307/2184328. (Scholar)
    • 1975, “A Reply to Professor Frankena”, Philosophy, 50(194): 455–459; reprinted VV, 174–180. (Scholar)
    • 1977, “Euthanasia”, Philosophy and Public Affairs, 6(2): 85–112; reprinted VV, 33–61. (Scholar)
    • 1978, “Virtues and Vices”, essay for this volume, VV, 1–18.

Foot has one monograph:

  • [NG] Natural Goodness, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001. doi:10.1093/0198235089.001.0001

Individual papers cited in the text:

  • [RG] “Rationality and Goodness” in Modern Moral Philosophy, (Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement 54), Anthony O’Hear (ed.), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004: 1–14. doi:10.1017/cbo9780511550836.002 (Scholar)
  • 1954, with Jonathan Harrison, “When is a Principle a Moral Principle?” (Symposium), Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society (Supplementary Volume), 28(1): 95–134. doi:10.1093/aristoteliansupp/28.1.95 (Scholar)

Secondary Literature

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