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Primary Literature

Philo: Editions, translations and commentaries

The edition of reference is that of Leopald Cohn, Paulus Wendland and Siegfried Reiter, Philonis Alexandri opera quae supersunt, Berlin 1896–1915. It contains all the treatises in Greek (six volumes plus an index volume).

The editors of Philo in the Loeb Classical Library (LCL), F.H. Colson, J.W. Earp, Ralph Marcus and G.H. Whitaker, sought mainly to provide a quality English translation.

In the French edition, Les Œuvres de Philon d’Alexandrie, Paris 1961–1992, 36 vol, some volumes are only translations with a minimal introduction, while other ones contain an introductions and notes that can be extensive, Paris: Éditions du Cerf, sous la direction de R. Arnaldez, C. Mondésert, J. Pouilloux.  

In the “Philo of Alexandria Commentary Series” (PACS), edited by G.E. Sterling, in Brill and Scholars Press are published the following English translations with commentary:

A Spanish Translation, with introduction and notes, of the Philonian corpus, is edited under the responsibility of José Pablo Martín, by the Editorial Trotta in Madrid, under the title Filón de Alejandría: Obras Completas. Eight volumes are programmed in this series, five have been published, 2009–

Other isolated commentaries will be indicated in the following titles of the bibliography. Many interesting discussions can also be found in

The abbreviations of our article are those of the Studia Philonica Annual (see the supplementary document Abbreviations of the Philonian treatises). The translations are those of the Loeb Classical Library, except for De opificio (On the Creation), for which we adopted Runia’s translation.

Other primary literature


Philo of Alexandria: An Annotated Bibliography 2007–2016 (Vigiliae Christianae, Supplements, 174), David T. Runia, Leiden: Brill, 2022. Philonian bibliography is provided annually in The Studia Philonica Annual published by the Society of Biblical Literature Atlanta.

Secondary Literature

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