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The standard edition of the Greek text is

The full Greek text also appears with an excellent commentary in the edition of

Among the English translations the following deserve especially high regard (in chronological order):

Here, in chronological order, are some helpful general discussions of the Republic:

There are also valuable collections of recent essays on the Republic:

The following monographs, in alphabetical order, treat multiple features of the ethics and politics of Plato's Republic:

The following are especially helpful for placing the ethics and politics of Plato's Republic in their context:

Each of the following collections contains several essays relevant to the ethics and politics of Plato's Republic:

In addition to the works mentioned above, many of which are the best sources for views mentioned in this article, there are very many scholarly essays and books that discuss more particular features of the ethics and politics in the Republic. I list just a few under the headings used in the present article, with each cluster listed in chronological order.

1.1–1.2 The Nature of the Question and Rejected Strategies

1.3 The Adopted Strategy

2.1 Human Motivations

2.2 Introducing Virtuous Motivations

On the unity of the virtues

On the relevance of Socrates' response

2.3 Perfectly Virtuous Motivations

2.4 Imperfectly Virtuous Motivations

3.1 Psychological Health

3.2 Pleasure

4.1 Utopianism

4.2 Communism

4.3 Feminism

4.4 Totalitarianism

5. Defective Constitutions

6. Conclusions

Here I list a few works that offer various ways of distancing Plato from Kallipolis.

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