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For extensive bibliographies, including lists of manuscripts and editions of university lectures and short works, see Lohr 1988; Pietro Pomponazzi, [1567] 2004; Pietro Pomponazzi, [1525] 2013: 2715–69.

Primary Sources: Pietro Pomponazzi

  • 1514, Tractatus utilissimus in quo disputatur penes quid intensio et remissio formarum (On the Intension and Remission of Forms), Bologna; reprinted in Tractatus acutissimi, 1525. [Tractatus utilissimus… available online] (Scholar)
  • 1515, Tractatus de reactione (On Reaction), Bologna; reprinted in Tractatus acutissimi, 1525. [Tractatus de reactione available online] (Scholar)
  • 1516, Tractatus de immortalitate animae (Treatise on the Immortality of the Soul), Bologna;
    • reprinted in Tractatus acutissimi, 1525;
    • Abhandlung über die Unsterblichkeit der Seele, edited and translated (German) by Burkhard Mojsisch, Hamburg: Meiner, 1990;
    • On the Immortality of the Soul, translated (English) by William Henry Hay II and John Herman Randall, Jr., in The Renaissance Philosophy of Man, edited by Ernst Cassirer, Paul Oskar Kristeller, and John Herman Randall, Jr., Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1956;
    • Trattato sull’immortalità dell’anima, translated (Italian) by Vittoria Perrone Compagni, Florence: Olschki, 1999;
    • Traité de l’immortalité de l’âme. Tractatus de immortalitate animae, edited and translated (French) by Thierry Gontier, Paris: Les Belle Lettres, 2012.
    • [Tractatus de immortalitate animae available online]
  • 1518, Apologia (Apology), Bologna;
    • reprinted in Tractatus acutissimi, 1525;
    • Apologia, translated (Italian) by Vittoria Perrone Compagni, Florence: Olschki, 2011.
    • [Apologia available online]
  • 1519, Defensorium (Defense), Bologna; reprinted in Tractatus acutissimi, 1525. [Defensorium available online] (Scholar)
  • 1521, Tractatus de nutritione et augmentatione (On Growth and Nutrition), Bologna; reprinted in Tractatus acutissimi, 1525. [Tractatus de nutritione … available online] (Scholar)
  • 1525 [Tractatus acutissimi], Tractatus acutissimi, utillimi et mere peripatetici, Venice;
    • Tutti i trattati peripatetici, edited and translated (Italian) by Francesco Paolo Raimondi and José Manuel García Valverde, Milan: Bompiani, 2013.
    [Tractatus acutissimi available online]
  • 1556 [On Incantations], De naturalium effectuum causis sive de incantationibus (On the Causes of Marvelous Natural Effects or On Incantations), Basel;
    • reprinted 1567 and in Opera, 1567;
    • De incantationibus, edited by Vittoria Perrone Compagni, Florence: Olschki, 2011;
    • Les causes des merveilles de la nature, ou Les enchantements, translated (French) by Henri Busson, Paris: Rieder, 1930 [partial];
    • Gli incantesimi, translated (Italian) by Cristiana Innocenti, Florence: La Nuova Italia, 1997.
    [De naturalium effectuum causis… available online]
  • 1563, Dubitationes in quartum Meteorologicorum Aristotelis librum (Doubts on Meteorologica IV), Venice. [Dubitationes… available online]
  • 1567 [On Fate], De fato, libero arbitrio, praedestinatione, providentia Dei libri V (On Fate, Free Will, On Predestination), in Opera, Basel;
    • Libri quinque de fato, libero arbitrio et praedestinatione, edited by Richard Lemany, Lugano: Thesaurus Mundi, 1957;
    • Il fato, il libero arbitrio e la predestinazione, translated (Italian) by Vittoria Perrone Compagni, Turin: Nino Aragno, 2004.
    [De fato… available online]
  • 1966–1970, Corsi inediti dell’insegnamento padovano, 2 volumes, edited by Antonino Poppi, Padua: Antenore, volume 1 (1966), volume 2 (1970).
  • 2004, Expositio super primo et secundo de partibus animalium, edited by Stefano Perfetti, Florence: Olschki.
  • 2018, Expositio super I De anima Aristotelis et Commentatoris 1503 riportata da Antonio Surian, edited by Massimiliano Chianese, Rome: Storia e Letteratura. (Scholar)

Other Primary Sources

  • Alexander of Aphrodisias, On Fate, edited and translated by R. W. Sharples, London: Duckworth, 1983.
  • Aristotle,
    • De anima
    • De generatione et corruptione
    • De motu animalium
    • De partibus animalium
    • Metaphysics
    • Meteorologica
    • Parva naturalia
    in The Complete Works of Aristotle (The Revised Oxford Translations), Jonathan Barnes (ed.), Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1984
  • Averroes, De substantia orbis (On the Substance of the Orbs), Venice: Giunta, 1560.
  • Ficino, Marsilius, Platonic Theology, 6 volumes, edited and translated by Michael J.B. Allen and James Hankins, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2001–06.

Secondary Works Cited

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