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Selected books by Ramus

  • Aristotelicae AnimadversionesDialecticae institutiones, Paris, 1543; reprinted with an introduction by W. Risse, Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt: Frommann-Holzboog, 1964.
  • Peter Ramus’s Attack on Cicero: Text and Translation of Ramus’s Brutinae Quaestiones, edited with an introduction by James J. Murphy and translation by Carole Newlands, Davis, CA: Hermagoras Press, 1992. (Scholar)
  • Collectaneae praefationes, epistolae, orationes, Marburg, 1599; reprinted with an introduction by W.J. Ong, Hildesheim, New York: G. Olms, 1969.
  • Commentariorum de religione Christiana libri quatuor, Frankfurt am Main, 1577; reprinted Frankfurt a. M.: Minerva, 1969. (Scholar)
  • La Dialectique (1555), M. Dassonville (ed.), Geneva: Droz, Travaux d’humanisme et renaissance, 67, 1964.
  • La Dialectique (1555), un manifeste de la Pléiade, N. Bruyère (ed.), Paris: Vrin, 1992. (Scholar)
  • Dialecticae institutiones, Paris 1543; reprinted with an introduction by W. Risse, Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt: Frommann-Holzboog 1964.
  • Dialectica Audomari Talaei praelectionibus illustrata, Basel 1569.
  • Diaelcticae libri duo per Rolandum Makilmenaeum Scotum, auctoris jussu in quibusdam locis emendati, Frankfurt, 1581.
  • Quod sit unica doctrinae instituendae methodus, translated into English in Renaissance Philosophy, Leonard A. Kennedy (ed.), The Hague and Paris: Mouton, 1973, pp. 108–55.
  • Arguments in Rhetoric against Quintilian: Translation and Text of Peter Ramus’s Rhetoricae distinctiones in Quintilianum (1549), translated by Carole Newlands; introduction by J.J. Murphy, DeKalb, IL: Northern Illinois University Press, 1986.
  • Scholae in liberales artes, Basel, 1569; reprinted with an introduction by W.J. Ong, Hildesheim, New York: G. Olms, 1970.
  • Scholarum mathematicarum libri unus et triginta a Lazaro Schonero recogniti et emendati, Frankfurt am Main, 1599; reprinted Hildesheim: G. Olms, 2008. (Scholar)

Selected books and articles on Ramus

  • Banosius, Theophilus, 1577, Petri Rami Varomandui vita, philosophiae et eloquentiae Regii professoris celeberrimi, printed in P. Ramus, Commentariorum de religione Christiana libri IV, Frankfurt, 1577. (Scholar)
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  • Freigius, Johannes Thomas, 1599, Petri Rami Vita, in Ramus, Collectaneae, pp. 580–623. (Scholar)
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