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Principal works by Rousseau

The standard French edition of Rousseau is Oeuvres complètes (5 volumes), Bernard Gagnebin and Marcel Raymond (eds.), Paris: Gallimard, 1959–1995.

A major work that is not included in the Oeuvres complètes in a satisfactory form is Principes du droit de la guerre published together with Écrits sur la paix perpetuelle, Bruno Bernadi and Gabriella Silvestrini (eds), Paris: Vrin, 2008.

The most comprehensive English edition of Rousseau’s works is Collected Writings (13 volumes), Roger Masters and Christopher Kelly (eds.), Dartmouth: University Press of New England, 1990–2010. The individual works below are included in each of these editions.

Accessible English translations of major works include:

  • The Discourses and Other Early Political Writings, Victor Gourevitch (ed. and trans.), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997.
  • The Social Contract and Other Later Political Writings, Victor Gourevitch (ed. and trans.), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997.
  • The Social Contract and Other Political Writings, Quintin Hoare (trans.) and Christopher Bertram (ed.), London: Penguin, 2012.(This volume includes the English translation of the reconstruction by Bernadi et al of Principles of the Right of War.)
  • 1750, Un Discours sur les Sciences et les Arts (Discourse on the Sciences and the Arts; First Discourse).
  • 1755, Un Discours sur l’Origine et les Fondemens de l’Inégalité parmi les Hommes (A Discourse on the Origin of Inequality; Second Discourse). (Scholar)
  • c. 1753–61, Essai sur l’Origine de Langues (Essay on the Origin of Languages). (Scholar)
  • 1755, De l’économie politique (A Discourse on Political Economy).
  • 1755, Lettre sur la Musique Française (Letter on French Music).
  • 1758, Lettre à M. d’Alembert sur les Spectacles(Letter to d’Alembert on the Theater). (Scholar)
  • 1761, Julie, ou La Nouvelle Héloïse.
  • 1762, Émile, ou de l’Éducation (Emile, or On Education).
  • 1762, Du Contrat Social (The Social Contract).
  • 1764–5, Project de Constitution pour la Corse (Project for a Constitution for Corsica).
  • 1764–6, Les Confessions (The Confessions).
  • 1770–1, Considérations sur le Gouvernement de Pologne (Considerations on the Government of Poland).
  • 1772–6, Rousseau Juge de Jean-Jacques: Dialogues (Rousseau Judge of Jean-Jacques: Dialogues).
  • 1776–8, Les Rêveries du Promeneur Solitaire (The Reveries of the Solitary Walker).

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