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Primary Literature

A. Books by Strawson

  • 1952, Introduction to Logical Theory, London: Methuen.
  • 1959, Individuals, London: Methuen.
  • 1966, The Bounds of Sense, London: Methuen.
  • 1971, Logico-Linguistic Papers, London: Methuen.
  • 1974a, Freedom and Resentment and Other Essays, London: Methuen.
  • 1974b, Subject and Predicate in Logic and Grammar, London: Methuen, reprinted in 2004 by the Ashgate Press. (Scholar)
  • 1985a , Skepticism and Naturalism: Some Varieties, London: Methuen, and New York: Columbia University Press.
  • 1985b, Analyse et Metaphysique, Paris: J. Vrin.
  • 1992, Analysis and Metaphysics, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • 1997, Entity and Identity, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • 2011, Philosophical Writings, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

B. Selected Articles by Strawson

  • 1950a, “On Referring”, Mind, 59: 320–344; reprinted in Strawson 1971. (Scholar)
  • 1950b, “Truth”, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, reprinted in Strawson 1971.
  • 1956, (with P. Grice), “In Defense of a Dogma”, Philosophical Review, 50: 141–158. (Scholar)
  • 1962, “Freedom and Resentment”, Proceedings of the British Academy, 48: 1–25; reprinted in Strawson 1974a. (Scholar)
  • 1964, “Identifying Reference and Truth-Values”, Theoria, 30(2): 96–118; page references to the reprint in Strawson 1971. (Scholar)
  • 1969, “Meaning and Truth”, reprinted in Strawson 1971
  • 1976, “Scruton and Wright on Anti-Realism”, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, 77: 15–21. (Scholar)
  • 1979, “Perception and its Objects”, in Perception and Identity: Essays Presented to A. J. Ayer, G. F. Macdonald (ed.) London: Macmillan. (Scholar)

Secondary Literature

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