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Books by Thomas Kuhn

  • 1957, The Copernican Revolution: Planetary Astronomy in the Development of Western Thought, Cambridge Mass: Harvard University Press.
  • 1962/1970a, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Chicago: University of Chicago Press (1970, 2nd edition, with postscript).
  • 1977a, The Essential Tension. Selected Studies in Scientific Tradition and Change, Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
  • 1978, Black-Body Theory and the Quantum Discontinuity, Oxford: Clarendon Press (2nd edition, Chicago: University of Chicago Press).
  • 2000, The Road Since Structure, edited by James Conant and John Haugeland, Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Selected papers of Thomas Kuhn

  • 1959, “The Essential Tension: Tradition and Innovation in Scientific Research”, in The Third (1959) University of Utah Research Conference on the Identification of Scientific Talent C. Taylor, Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press: 162–74. (Scholar)
  • 1963, “The Function of Dogma in Scientific Research”, in Scientific Change, A. Crombie (ed.), London: Heinemann: 347–69. (Scholar)
  • 1970b, “Logic of Discovery or Psychology of Research?”, in Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge, edited by I. Lakatos and A. Musgrave, London: Cambridge University Press: 1–23. (Scholar)
  • 1970c, “Reflections on my Critics”, in Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge, I. Lakatos and A. Musgrave (eds.), London: Cambridge University Press: 231–78. (Scholar)
  • 1974, “Second Thoughts on Paradigms”, in The Structure of Scientific Theories F. Suppe (ed.), Urbana IL: University of Illinois Press: 459–82. (Scholar)
  • 1976, “Theory-Change as Structure-Change: Comments on the Sneed Formalism” Erkenntnis 10: 179–99. (Scholar)
  • 1977b, “The Relations between the History and the Philosophy of Science”, in his The Essential Tension, Chicago: University of Chicago Press: 3–20. (Scholar)
  • 1977c, “Objectivity, Value Judgment, and Theory Choice”, in his The Essential Tension, Chicago: University of Chicago Press: 320–39. (Scholar)
  • 1979, “Metaphor in Science”, in Metaphor and Thought, edited by A. Ortony Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 409–19. (Scholar)
  • 1980, “The Halt and the Blind: Philosophy and History of Science”, (review of Howson Method and Appraisal in the Physical Sciences, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 31: 181–92.
  • 1983a, “Commensurability, Comparability, Communicability”, PSA 198: Proceedings of the 1982 Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association, edited by P. Asquith. and T. Nickles, East Lansing MI: Philosophy of Science Association: 669–88. (Scholar)
  • 1983b, “Rationality and Theory Choice”, Journal of Philosophy 80: 563–70. (Scholar)
  • 1987, “What are Scientific Revolutions?”, in The Probabilistic Revolution edited by L. Krüger, L. Daston, and M. Heidelberger, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 7–22. Reprinted in Kuhn 2000: 13–32. (Scholar)
  • 1990, “Dubbing and Redubbing: The Vulnerability of Rigid Designation”, in Scientific Theories edited by C. Savage, Minnesota Studies in Philosophy of Science 14, Minneapolis MN: University of Minnesota Press: 298–318. (Scholar)
  • 1991a, “The Road Since Structure”, PSA 1990. Proceedings of the 1990 Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association vol.2, edited by A. Fine, M. Forbes, and L. Wessels., East Lansing MI: Philosophy of Science Association: 3–13. (Scholar)
  • 1991b, “The Natural and the Human Sciences”, in The Interpretative Turn: Philosophy, Science, Culture, edited by D. Hiley, J. Bohman, and R. Shusterman, Ithaca NY: Cornell University Press: 17–24. (Scholar)
  • 1992, “The Trouble with the Historical Philosophy of Science”, Robert and Maurine Rothschild Distinguished Lecture, 19 November 1991, An Occasional Publication of the Department of the History of Science, Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press. (Scholar)
  • 1993, “Afterwords” in World Changes. Thomas Kuhn and the Nature of Science, edited by P. Horwich, Cambridge MA: MIT Press: 311–41. (Scholar)

Other references and secondary literature

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