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List of Abbreviations

[AK] Abhidharmakośakārikā
[AKB] Abhidharmakośabhāṣya
[ĀlamPV] Ālambanaparīkṣāvṛtti
[M] Madhyamakāvatāra
[MA] Madhyamakālokaḥ
[MadhHK] Madhyamakahṛdayakārikā
[MAK] Madhyamakālaṁkārakārikā
[MAV] Madhyamakālaṁkāravṛtti
[MBh] Madhyamakāvatārabhāśya
[MMK] Mūlamadhyamakārikā
[PP] Prasannapadā
[PPMV] Prajñāpradīpamūlamadhyamakavṛtti
[PVK] Pramāṇavārttikakārikā
[PVT] Pramāṇavārttikavṛtti
[TriṃB] Triṃśikābhāṣya
[TSN] Trisvabhāvanirdeśa
[ViṃKV] Viṃśatikā-kārikāvṛtti

Primary Literature

Note: In the citations like Mngon pa khu 166b–167a), Tshad ma che 108b–109a) etc., Mngon pa and Tshad ma are the names of the classificatory disciplines and khu 166b–167a, che 108b–109a etc., are volume titles and numbers.

Secondary Literature

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